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Flexible distance learning primary PGCE or uni based PGCE at Uni of Hertfordshire?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by kettle1, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. kettle1

    kettle1 New commenter

    Hi, has anyone studied the flexible PGCE at the University of Herts (or anywhere else)? I would be very grateful for your opinions. I am a mum of 3 with a disabled husband and I am going to apply to the GTTR in Sept. I think the flexible route will probably suit my lifestyle but I would love to hear from anyone who has any experience or opinions.
    Many thanks
  2. Hi,

    I did my PGCE P at Herts full time but I do know people on the flexi. There isn't really much of a difference as a lot of the full time is delivered via distance learning anyway. you do need to be very organised though because they do randomly ask certain people to submit work every now and again. Seems a pretty cool way of doing it if you can, but be aware you will need to be in full time the first week if you get a place.

    Good luck!
  3. kettle1

    kettle1 New commenter

    Thanks, that's really useful :)
  4. I've just finished the flexi PGCE at Herts. I really enjoyed it and found that it worked well for me, as I am a single parent.

    The cousework is delivered via the internet (StudyNet) and you have a timetable which directs you to the appropriate work for the day / week. I did the course in a year but you can take up to 22 months, and can extend if necessary if you are on a shorter route.

    In September you are required to go in for the initial registration / induction days and then you are also asked to commit to a flexi weekend at the end of February (or it was this year!). For these you travel in daily, or arrange to stay locally if you need to. On the flexi weekend you cover subjects like PE, as these are not so easy to do via the internet!

    There are 3 assignments to complete, and you also have two teaching placements, and one 'enquiry' placement, where you go into school to research an area for one of the assignments.

    The only problem that I know people have had has been with regards to being allocated placement schools, as the uni can only allocate to their partner schools with space, so some people are travelling a long way from home. This was going to be the case for me with my second placement, but I managed to arrange my own with a local school instead.

    It was the only course that I could feasibly do and I found that it worked really well. I have a job for September (agghh!) so it was successful for me :)
  5. cuyocksol

    cuyocksol New commenter

    the Herts website doesn't seem to show a 'flexi' Primary PGCE now... have they stopped it?
    the only flexi primary PGCEs I have found through google are:
    • Edge Hill, Lancs
    • Northumbria
    • Bishop Grosseteste, Lincoln
    Anyone know of any others?

  6. Canterbury Christ church University does one as well which is very successfull

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