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Flat stanley project????

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Parryprincess, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever done one and could explain how it works please...I am excited by what I have read and would love to do it with my new y4 class...
  2. Hi ParryPrincess
    I did a unit on Flat Stanley with my Y1's, based roughly on Geography. We read the book(s) and then it was linked to science (materials) where we looked at where Stanley could be posted and what we would need to parcel him in ie. if he was going to the North Pole it would need to be warm. There are really lovely stories about him being posted on holiday which is where that idea comes from.
    Stories - If you were flat what would you do.
    There is loads but with it being the end of the holiday my mind is blank, I'll rack my brains and come back...
  3. Hi
    Thanks so much for that - great ideas. I had seen some info about classes making a flat stanley per child, then linking with another school and posting the stanleys - they then write a journal about what they did with stanley and post them back...anyone know anything about this or know a school/class I could link with - I'm y4 35 children..???
  4. I saw something on this a few years ago but not recently. I have 30 Year 4 and have already chosen Flat Stanley as the class read for the first half-term. I would be interested.
  5. H, I've been doing Flat Stanley now for a couple of years with a Year 3 class. There is a weekly plan on clickteaching website - which I loosely follow and also had an excellent student a couple of years ago who did this topic and made some excellent smartboard resources too.
    We have a school link with Ghana so Flat stanley came along with me when I visited the school, but then we were also lucky to have contacts around the world so Flat Stanley was sent to Canada, Qatar, Egypt, France, Australia and even Liverpool - our contacts took photos of things flat stanley got up to while he was in the countries eg riding a camel, going to the shops, playing in the sand pit, sunbathing ..... then he was sent back with all the photos - children were made up to get the replies and Flat Stanley back.
    There are also lots of websites with activites to do - Flat Stanley kite game, and you can also see where else he's been - he's even been sent to the space station, and white house to meet the president.
    Great fun, good luck.
    I did try to put the planning on here but was too big too load sorry about that.
    If you email me will try to post it to you honeypie9669@hotmail.co.uk

  6. beershop

    beershop New commenter


    Myself and a few other people are doing this around October/Nov time if you'd like to join us. Mostly year 2 and 3 I think. I've collated a list of about 15 interested schools and got some international links too. I'll be mailing the list out in the new term at some point before half term if you'd like to be included on the list?!
    Here's the link to our original thread: https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/t/506646.aspx?PageIndex=1#6887490

  7. beershop

    beershop New commenter

    Hi Parry
    Have added you to the list. I'm gonna just gather a few last emails and then send out the document and a group email to all included.
    I think we all agreed on sending a couple of Flat Stanleys to a few different places, they stay for 2 weeks and then get sent on to another one. (could send a class worth if wanted to save on postage I guess!) We would have to include a copy of the spreadsheet with each Stanley package so that we knew where he originated and where he'd already been. Maybe he could go to say 5 different places before making his way home again.
    I think we talked about doing it after October half term.
    Will email you soon!
    hennups at yahoo dot co dot uk
  8. I am the creator of the Flat Stanley Project at www.flatstanley.com. There are lots of ways to take part, and the way you are setting up exchanges should work well. If you are interested, there is the free Flat Stanley app for iPhone and iPod that has all of the benefits of the original Flat Stanley Project, but because the characters are digital, they don't get lost and it doesn't cost anything to send them. Your students might enjoy using the app if your school area allows the use of mobile devices. It's on the App Store.
    If you ever run out of exchange partners, the Bulletin Board http://flatstanley.com/bulletinboardpreamble.php?f=3&start=0 always has lots of people from all over the world looking to make contact.


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