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fizz book spin for use in primary

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by regencyrob, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. I am looking to buy some laptops for a group of VERY low ability key stage 1 children. I have been looking at the fizzbook spin.

    Has any body used these laptop/tablets and how did you find them?
  2. Hi
    I think thery are brilliant! I wish they did one that was themed towards KS3 and 4 but having said that the handwriting recognition is excellent, good enough toi recognise a doctors scrawl and the case is very robust. The hinge is also very solid.
    I would recomend them, for what it's worth
  3. I had a quick go on several at the BETT show - the Fizzbook Spin is simply the latest version of the Intel Classmate PC, and several companies sell them (including RM, who are generally pretty comptative on price for this sort of thing), so it's worth shopping around a bit.
    The handwriting worked better than a thought it would - the less-sensative touch screen used means you can rest your hand on the screen to write, making for a much more natural wirting surface. Saying that, I'm not any kind of expert on how children learn to write, so I'm not sure if a computer is the best tool for teaching handwriting. You do also have to give the screen a bit of a push at times to get it to register your finger-presses, which might not work too well with less patient children.
    I can't see the included stylus lasting all that long, it'll just get lost - you'd better order a job lot of spares if you buy any of these laptops. As with any laptop, I'd aim to buy a second set of batteries and a separate multi-battery charger so that you don't have to worry about plugging them in to recharge, and it means you can lock them away in any decent lockable cupboard, you don't have to get some fancy charging trolly. Also, rmember that laptop batteries are consumables (they wear out after a while), and children will drop and otherwise break laptops, so budget for battery replacement after a year or two and some percentage (10%, 30%?) or your laptops getting broken per year.

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