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Fisher Price Seahorse and sleep

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Fleur ;-), Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Hi all!
    I've posted on here a few times about My LO's extremely poor sleep habits - he's 10 months now and although we have good phases, overall his sleep is hard to manage. For the last 2 weeks he;s had such broken nights he's been in our bed quite a few times - i don't really like to do this but at 3am when you're knackered and he's been awake 3 hours i really don't feel able to continue settling him in his cot!
    Anyway, the point of this post....I've heard loads of amazing things about this seahorse and wanted to hear what people on here think of it (if anyone has it!) It's a blue or pink seahorse that lights up and plays tunes. I have just ordered one and am pinning my hopes on it lol. Please tell me it works miracles, even with older sleepers with established sleep (or non--sleep) routines!
    Thanks xx
  2. Hi Fleur, we have the blue seahorse and I find it really good! For some reason I'd got it into my head that it was a glow worm so it has become known as 'glowy'!! Anyway, my LOs sleep has always been bad too (daytime naps main problem) and glowy really helped to get him used to settling himself to sleep. I now put him in his sleeping bag, sing him the naptime song (!) and put glowy on and this usually helps him to fall to sleep. I take it with me when we go to my Mum and Dads and he sleeps in the travel cot and he usually settles well with it.
    This routine works well for us at home/travel cot at Mum and Dads, but we have got the problem that he only sleeps in his cot now and not in pram etc so we are restricted as to what we can do. I have accepted this now though and as much as I wish he would sleep in the pram out and about and we could get out more, at least he does sleep in the day now and as a result is a happier baby. I figured that he will only need lots of daytime sleep for the first 12 months or so and teaching him to self settle in the cot may have meant that my maternity leave is spent in the house, at least he can now settle himself to sleep in his bed at night, which will hopefully continue to be the case even when he doesn't need daytime sleep. Buy a glowy!!
  3. They are brilliant! We have a pink one which I bought after reading about them on here when I was having trouble getting LO to have daytime naps especially. She has it playing everytime she goes to sleep and she strokes it and sucks the tail! We have taken it away with us and it seems to make her feel at home. The only problem is it only plays for five mins so on rare occasions when she is having a bit of trouble going to sleep I have to go in and press the tummy again, I am currently trying to teach her to press the tummy herself!! She is now 25 weeks and has been using it for about the last 8-10 weeks so I don't know about older ones but I would def get one :)
  4. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    Hi! I think it could have been me who started the original recommendation thread. Maybe try a search on here to find it? x
  5. We used it from 8-14 weeks as a cue for sleep and it worked quite well but now has absolutely no effect whatsoever. We have hit 4 month sleep regression though so might be why. There is a big regression at around 9 months too, maybe your LO has hit that a little later? I hope you have some success with it!

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