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first week in reception activity ideas??? Help!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by nat83kitten, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    Next year is my 4th year in reception and every year I forget what the first few weeks are like! Can anyone share their creative ideas for activities in the first week. I want to really focus getting routines sorted which have been annoying me this year but want some nice adult led activities which will help children get to know each other. ANy name games? Any ideas on tidy up games and creative ways to teach routines? All ideas very welcome.
  2. Would be really interested in hearing others ideas too
  3. Thank you for your ides guys thats really useful, anymore welcomed!
  4. I have found having a large cut out of the children's names maybe A3 or bigger. Normally on sugar paper and let them decorate with any scraps, glittler, etc. Then take a photo pfeach child- hopefully looking happy or pulling a funny face. Then display the names and photos together near the entrance where parents can see. Then over the first few weeks parents can learn their childs friends names. The chn also love seeing themselves in the morning. Found this helps parents talk to each other, especially if you don't have a school nursery. Also looks like a lovely display- quick and easy to sort to!
    Also found lots of if your name start with... activites i.e when lining up, washing hands, etc. Chn quickly learn who starts with the same sound as them.
    In the morning I normally have the chn's name cards on a table for them to select there own name and take it to the carpet. Then at the register the chn hand in thier name. Then wehn they are at the front we all say hello ...... This gives chn chance to match a face to the names.
    Hope these help.
  5. We do a lot of the above but also ask parents to bring in the children's profiles/records of achievement/learning journeys from their previous setting. Then we sit down and go through them with the children and ask them to talk about their work, photos etc. If there is evidence of phonics/numbers etc in, then this naturally leads on to a quick re-assessment to moderate what they do know. We have found this gives the child more confidence and helps us to get to know them as even the quietest children want to tell you about what they can do when there is a photo or piece of work to remind them.
  6. If you look under my resources under Autumn you will see that I have put on some songs under friendship that could be a starting point for you.
  7. hurny

    hurny New commenter

    Here's what we sing (well it's more of a chant)
    Isn't it funny how a bear likes honey
    Buzz, buzz, buzz, I wonder why he does.
    Go to sleep Mr Bear, go to sleep and dream
    (Choose someone to 'steal' the honey)
    Wake up Mr Bear
    ('Bear' chases 'thief' around the circle! 'Thief' becomes 'bear')
  8. hurny

    hurny New commenter

    I think mine is different to Cinderella's as we don't say the children's names.
  9. gempy1985

    gempy1985 New commenter

    Sitting in a circle.........I roll the ball to ... to ... to .... i roll the ball to ........ they roll it back to me (sung)

    I know this is a bit later than the original post...but which tune is this sung to?! Thanks!

    Am moving into Reception from Year 4 and although I've taught Reception previously, I've never been there for the start of a year!

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