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First time teaching dance.

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by N3il, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Would someone be kind enough to forward the Harry Potter resources to me and if anyone has anything else for the Haka and Matrix I would be very Grateful. Thanks
  2. kss


    Hi! Desperate to make year 5 boys dance, could anyone email me the haka or superhero schemes, would be much appreciated. Please help!!
  3. Hi

    I am going to try teaching dance to my class next term and have been struggling to find resources. Could I please have a copy of Harry Potter and the superheros info. jojo2108@hotmail.co.uk.

  4. hi just joined, is there any chance someone could email me the superheros and the harry potter SOWs please. I'll be more than happy to help anyone else with resources. dancer2008@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you
  5. could i get a copy of harry potter as well as i've got interview in a few wks time for pgce and may come in handy if they ask me to teach dance

  6. littletinker

    littletinker New commenter

    i would love as much help as i can get for dance so any of these schemes would be greatly apprechiated, thank oyu in advance.

  7. Can i aslo be cheeky and ask for someone to send the Harry Potter and any other dance ideas. I'm just starting a dance pgce and would really appreciate some ideas.
    Hopefully i'll be able to post some back once my course starts.
    Many Many Thanks

  8. Hi everyone,

    May I please request a copy? I would really appreciate. I am struggling with dance.

    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi guys, just found this forum think its great that so many people are supportive as we are all in the same boat. I am new to GCSE Dance and eventhough my role at the school officially starts in sept 09, I have been asked to support the school in getting 6 students, who have been taking the gcse as an after school extra, through in the next few weeks!! They are a little behind and it feels like Im pulling it together last min - I would really appreciate all the advice I can get, particularly on tip for moderation day. Thanks my email is Holliemk1@aol.com :)

  10. Hi, I am teaching dance for the first time in september and could really do with some help. If anyone has any schemes of work, lesson ideas, or can suggest dance dvd's/videos and music i would be grateful.

  11. Hi there,

    I am about to start my NQT year and will be the only Dance teacher having qualified in Drama. i.e. I REALLY need any help you might give about Dance teaching.
    The Harry Potter and Superheros schemes sound great and I'd really appreciate copies of those and any other good schemes.
    Also, can anyone recommend any books that explore the values behind teaching Dance in schools?
    I'm also struggling to create a plan for the whole of KS3. Do we do a toolbox approach? The P.E. curriculum seems pretty vague unless there's a chapter on Dance which I havn't found.

    Thank you!
  12. please can I have a copy of the harry Potter scheme of work??? Thank you!!!


  13. Hi

    I have put the HAKA dance planning on www.primaryresources.co.uk. It might not show for a fews days but it should be there soon. If you use it please help me by suggesting some music I could use. Did anyone ever get the planning for the Harry Potter or Lion King Dance?

  14. if anyone has the dance scheme of work for harry potter i would really appreciate a copy!or another dance scheme of work that has worked well!struggling for ideas!



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