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First time teaching dance.

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by N3il, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Alright there, can i be really cheeky and ask you to imagine a bloke on his knees begging this message..........please please please please can i have the schemes that are floating about too, it would be much appreciated. Whoever is forwarding this info on, you should charge, you would make so much money you could retire from teaching!!! (but don't start charging yet though, thanks!)

    I'm looking at years 6 & 7 mixed boys/girls.

    Many thanks again

    email me on romario16spurs@yahoo.co.uk if anyone has info to share please.
  2. hi
    i also am loving the ideas and loving the enthusiasm for this area. Its a great help to new teachers knowing there are plenty of experienced teachers and speacialist out there willing to help us struggling newbys out. Please could i you send me these schemes of work that are floating about. Thanx
  3. Many apologise i have only just read about the different dance sow's, they sound absolutely fantastic. Please could i jump on the band wagon if it hasn't already left, to get a copy of the harry potter and superheros plans, as i have just started teaching in a junior school and they seem enthusiastic and i have no creativity in this area. By any chance does anyone know of any street dance plans anywhere.

    Email address: bekij@hotmail.com

    Many thanks
  4. I have a variety of dance units of work for year 1 -7, mostly linking to literacy [particularly speaking and listening] in some way or another. most successful are th Wedding Ghost for year 6/7, Myths and Legends year 5, Sea Poetry year 3/4 and Special request year 3 -7
    I quite often use a short section of a dvd as a starting point, inviting group discussion before beginningf to dance. Ghost dances [from Rambert], Flesh and Blood[Cholmondeleys and Featherstonehaughs, Special Request [by Sheron wray, Burn the Floor, Catherine Wheel - [twyla Tharpe] and bird Song [Siobhan davies]have all been very useful.
    I think it is important for you as a teacher not to be embarassed to take risks and allow yourself to look foolish. Give small achievable tasks, allow for experimentation, stop and analyse and encourage questioning frequently.
    I am running twop INSET sessions in south London for non-dance primary school teachers:
    Dance teaching for non-dancers, at Siobhan Davies Dance Studio, at Charlotte Sharman School, 85 St George?s Rd, SE1, 1.30 - 4.00, £30 for Southwark schools, £50 for schools out of Southwark,
    Developing Speaking and listening skills through dance ? Tuesday January 30th,
    Strategies for developing choreographic skills, and for using professional dance footage on DVD ? Tuesday June 12th
    Training children as dance leaders for the playground, at Gloucester Primary School date tbc
    Aimed at TAs and teachers accompanied by 4 students from year 4 to year 9
    contact me if you are intersted in any planning or courses
  5. Please, please could you send me the dance ideas for the Harry Potter and Superheroes. I am a trainee teacher in my third year and need some creative ideas for my next placement
    Thank you
  6. Oops sorry , you can tell I am new to all this !!, Please email any dance ideas to hill@lkjmhill.plus.com
  7. I have spent 20 years studying the art of dance and gaining a degree, PGCE and private dance teaching qualification in this subject. I was very surprised to see on this website that people with no dance experience whatsoever are being asked to teach dance!! This is like me being let loose to do science experiements in a science lab, very dangerous!!!
  8. Please can you email me the ideas on Micheal Jackson 'Beat it ' dance routine that you had used, would be very grateful. I am a Trainee teacher in my third year looking for creative ideas. Thank you
  9. Could anyone send me any sow for some up to date dance ides. e.g. harry potter, superheros, hip hop/street. many thanks

  10. I'm a secondary dance teacher, and have schemes of work but i'm loving the sound of the Harry Potter scheme! Could someone please e-mail this one to me as it sounds really good! debsandben@btinternet.com
  11. i know a lot of these never get responses - wouldnt it be an idea to be able to download ideas from each other - would make passing information round PE teachers easy - many thanks if you could pass on a valuable resource! thanks antryder@hotmail.com
  12. hi there, although i am very late joining, i would be so grateful if anyone who has a copy of these could possibly send them to me also. Thank you, email address is thisisalandaglish@hotmail.com
  13. dancingclaire

    dancingclaire New commenter

    HI, another bandwagon jumper! Harry Potter sounds cool...am very good at sharing resources so please could i have this one in return for anything! x
  14. dancingclaire

    dancingclaire New commenter

    also, anyone every done anything based on 'The Matrix'?
  15. dancingclaire

    dancingclaire New commenter

  16. Could I be really cheeky too and could someone send me a copy of the Harry Potter plans I am teaching dance and it would be a great help. Thanks

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