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First time teaching dance.

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by N3il, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Would really appreciate someone sending me the Harry Potter dance scheme.
    I know the thread was started ages ago but only just came across the idea, if there's anyone out there...?
    Email is heath6@tinyworld.co.uk
    Would be extremely grateful

  2. hey there! know i'm well late wi this 1 but a copy of the harry potter stuff would be fabulous!! i'm a dance teacher but used to working from set dance syllabus, going into schools n any other info any1 has would be much appreciated x email aly_l_@hotmail.com
  3. Hi, would I possibly beable to get in on the Harry Potter dance sessions.My email address is jenny_b65@hotmail.com.

    Thank you kindly

  4. Just referring back to post 15 - we teach the haka as part of a sport related dance unit to our year 7, and they love it, especially if you introduce some of the words
  5. Hey there, looks like im i the same boat as everyone else, i start back at school in september after a long ten months off from a car accident, and i am going to be teaching dance, which is definitely not one of my specialities and along with being nervous about starting back im crappin it bout dance so if I could grab any resources regarding dace it would help me a million!!The harry potter stuff sounds great if i could grab that? or anything anybody has. Thannnkyouu :)
    Email - lisamb10@hotmail.com
  6. hey there just seen the post and the harry potter seems like great fun!!

    i know its a bit late to say the least lol but is there any chance any1 could send me a copy as well?


    thnx :)
  7. Am trying to introduce dance to the department. If anyone has any schemes of work / ideas (key stage 3 and 4) floating around that they wouldnt mind sharing it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks - dierdree69@hotmail.com
  8. Hi,

    Don't know if anyone can help, but it's my first time teaching AS Dance, and Im struggling with lesson plans and notation.

    Does anyone have any examples of these for me??? They would be much appreciated!!!!!

  9. sarahtodd- can you please email me your lion king plans- I have tried to email you but it doesn't semm to have worked. Thanks-
  10. hello, just for a change I DON'T want a copy of the Harry Potter SoW! I teach Y9, 10 + 11 and they would think I'd gone mad :)

    A good place to start if you're stuck for ideas is to watch alot of dance (video's/dvd's) and borrow ideas from them. Also, I'd suggest looking at SoW from other subjects and looking at ways of making Dance cross-curricular, for instance Ludas dance company (dance made specifically for kids) has recently toured a piece about genetics, and being different from each other, what makes us different etc. Ludas do great workshops in schools and are always making something new for the stage.

    For video's/dvd's look at Richmond-Upon-Thames college website and follow the links for the video library. There is a yearly charge of about £170 for 12 rentals, but you do get to keep them.

    There is also a pretty good SoW on the QCA website, under PE. Top Tip - Dance is ususally always lumped with PE, so look there when searching for SoW.

    If you're new to teaching Dance, go on as many courses as possible. KeyNote do some good ones.

    Good Luck

    Miss Type
  11. I know it's really tedious but is there any chance of someone sending me the Harry Potter stuff and the Lion king stuff, just been made pe coordinator and we have no particular dance schemes to work from I'm in Reception if any one else has any ideas x
  12. Hi, I've just discovered this message board and coulkd really do with some help!!!
    I'm just about to start teaching Dance GCSE and would like any tips/ lesson plans that could be of use to me.
    I'm starting with Coppelia, would like to know more about pedestrian dance.
    Also Please could someone tell me what criteria the practical exams look at e.g. lifts, contact work etc???
    Thanks so much, the stuff that's already been posted is really informative!
  13. fionadance

    fionadance New commenter

    if anyone is stil reading this then i would love to have a look at the harry potter scheme of work as well as the pedestrian please...
  14. Its reassuring to know that so many of you are not expert dancers out there. I have 2 left feet so please please could someone send me any dance info you have espec KS3, thanks, hope everyone is well, Becky x Beckythompson200@hotmail.com
  15. hi i know this is probably getting really tedious now but could some1 please send me the harry potter and lion king stuff, it would be very much appreciated! just got a job teaching in primary schools and could really do with some ideas! thank you!
  16. NQT and sports co-ordinator at a primary of 450 so any dance schemes of work would be fantastic. Cant bare to use the dry QCA stuff.

  17. skybloo

    skybloo New commenter

    Same here,
    2nd year of being sports -co-ordinator of a primary school of 400+ and trying to get staff to use more exciting stimulus rather than the LCP schemes as staff dont seem to be keen on using it - but it is the only thing we have in school! So if anyone is reading this and has fab schemes they wouldn't mind me having please can you email them to me at donnabennett103@hotmail.com


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