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First time teaching dance.

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by N3il, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. I am looking for anyone who has any other ideas, like to broaden my knowledge and see what other ideas are out there. if anyone has any schemes of work I would really appreciate them. Email address s pinkladys4@yahoo.com.

    I have used Lion King and Grease in the past if these would help anyone out.
  2. It is my first time teaching dance and would appreciate any help. I am teaching year 7 and 9 but anything would be a great help. Im going on a course in Feb but could do with some help before then.
  3. Hi,
    I am a trainee teacher, I am due to be teaching a dance lesson next week! I am really stuck for ideas, I havent really observed one nor taught one before, just wondering if I could have the Harry Potter info as well - or that cheerleading one sounds cool!
    Cheers e mail= zkg05@aber.ac.uk
  4. klw7me

    klw7me New commenter


    A friend of mine has used the theme of cartoons for a few lessons and has said it seems to work well with most age groups especially boys.

    I myself am a trainee PE teacher and am as worried as you all about teaching dance so i would appreciate it if i could share some resources with others. My email is kat_wardy@hotmail.com
  5. im a first time teacher of dance.really stuck for ideas.pleaser please please can i also recieve copy of schemes of work that are floating around!

    also any ideas for warm ups /music anything at all im so desperate
  6. forgot to add email!!any ideas/scheme of work please and help with dance would be appreicated!!following address jnayquinn@yahoo.com
  7. hi all. Glad I'm not the only one petrified about teaching the dreaded area of "dance". Undertaking a pgce and as yet have no experience observing or teaching any dance, so any schemes of work/resources/ ideas would be amazing.start after half term so fingers crossed!!!!

    People asure me that once u start teaching it and get confident it becomes your favourite area. Is this true?

    My email address is shelly_612@yahoo.com
  8. Im a first time teacher of dance. Really stuck for ideas so could I please recieve a copy of schemes of work that are floating around!

    Also any ideas for warm ups /music anything at all im so desperate as have to start teaching Year 7 dance first week after half term!!


  9. I have to teach year 5 after half term and have no idea where to start. I might do jive or salsa as I know a few moves but am not really sure. Any schemes of work or ideas would be really appreciated. Regards psbrett_uk@yahoo.co.uk
  10. no1kezza

    no1kezza New commenter

    This Harry potter thing sounds good, any chance I can have a copy as well please, gotta do dance but dont no where to start so any help would be appreciated. my email is: no1_kezza@yahoo.co.uk


  11. trainee teacher here as well. nay cahnce you could please send dance SOW of work to : steve_onners@yahoo.co.uk

    Much appreciated. will defintately help me
  12. Would SO appreciate someone sending me the Harry Potter one.
    I know the thread was started ages ago but if there's anyone out there...?
    Email is jane_lindsay@hotmail.com
    Would be extremely grateful,
  13. could someone please send me any of the items previously discussed. I am a student teacher and have to set up an extra curricular dance club...havn't got a clue! soozjj@hotmail.com
  14. hi there, could i also please get a copy of the harry potter and action hereo lesson plans. would be much appreciated.
    my email is: steve_onners@yahoo.co.uk

  15. Sounds like I'm in the same position as many of you. I will be teaching dance for the first time. I'm looking for ideas at any level. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for the help!

  16. littletinker

    littletinker New commenter

    hi i was hoping to get a copy of some of the schemes of work you have been discussing, i am training as a primary teacher and particularly intrested in dance. I was interested in the harry potter, super heroes and HAKA schemes.or any other interesting ideas you all may have. i would be very greatful for this help.

    you can email me them on yolly_c@hotmail.com
  17. Feeling very alone teaching dance, both as part of PE and as a discreet subject, really want to know if I'm doing it right. If any one could e-mail me some SOW or lessons plans I'd be so grateful. Thank you

    My address is l.miller@passmores.essex.sch.uk

    Thanks again

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