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First time teaching dance.

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by N3il, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Hi the Harry Potter scheme of work sounds fab, could someone please email me that scheme of work to?

  2. hello there

    i was ****TING myself teaching dance, but hey ho i thought, ill do it somehow....so i went to a mates and we made up this dance with michael jackson playing (beat it) - i formulated it around bullying and created this dance that they perofrm every lesson, just before i describe to them what sequence i want them to make up in groups or in pairs.....

    go through emotions with them, how you show them off, what SHAPES, LEVELS the body can use to DESCRIBE these emotions, tell them to tell you a silent story through dance....you'll be amazed what they actually come up with.

    take it easy, and remember the words, BODY TENSION, and BODY AWARENESS, as your tutor will love them!!!]

    Oh and in dance, i get my kids to keep saying EMOTION, Exaggeration etc etc..
  3. Hi im training in dance/drama and would be grateful for any schemes of work ks3/4 esp super heroes as thats our yr 7 theme at present! Cheers x
  4. hi ya, grease is a really good theme. i used 'we go together' it is great fun and the kids love it as well.
  5. Hi i have just been asked to do some dance with a group of very challenging yr9 boys and if possible would love a copy of the harry potter / matrix work. Thanks for anyone who can help. Merry xmas
  6. IFF

    IFF New commenter

    Pleeeease can anyone send me any good schemes of work for dance too. I'm kind of looking forward to teaching dance but dreading it at the same time! I don't know if that makes sense.

    My e-mail address is iffataslam@hotmail.com, would really appreciate anything on anything really! (I think i've gone mad doing this course!).

    xxx iff
  7. Could somebody please forward the harry potter scheme and also any ideas for extra-curricular dance. Thanks a lot. graeme1123@yahoo.co.uk
  8. there are some free units on sports relief.com i got a lovely ks1 one about animals and you can download the music too and burn to disc.
  9. Hi, this Harry Potter SOW sounds great, I would also LOVE a copy. My email address is ejr@swanvalley.kent.sch.uk.

    Many Thanks.

    E J Read
  10. Hey guys i cant find that stuff on sport relief???
  11. hi the Harry Potter stuff sounds great please could i beg a copy and also anything else useful for key stage 1 or extra curricular dance.
    thanks my email is groovybird13@hotmail.com
  12. Harry Potter would be good, or anything else you have !
  13. cat_angel

    cat_angel New commenter

    Hi, PLLLEEEAAASSEE can i have a copy of any harry potter SOW going around and possibly any cheerleading and streetdance stuff.
    I have just 'thriller' with my year 8 and linked it with the theme of monsters, and am hopefully going to try and teach a justin timberlake routine this week!! I'm also using a 'lion king theme with my year 7's - hope this helps some people, thanx
  14. cat_angel

    cat_angel New commenter

  15. hi, anyone out there who can help me, i am a typical pe teacher and im struggling with teaching dance, im look for some inspiration for year 8 and year 9. also teaching GCSE and having a slow start. ANY help will be welcomed greatly email me katiealincoln@hotmail.com

  16. Hi Klincon,
    I am a PGCE student but have taught dance for 6 years and have myself been through GCSE dance. The most important thing you can do is try and get some up to date music in there. I remember being bored by the stuff I had to use. There's a few dance type tracks that would be good for a robot style dance (Theylike trying to body pop and stuff) There is one called "Bellisimo". I also enjoyed blues brothers and dragnet at school. Hope that helps!
  17. Gladiator dance! Anybody got any ideas? Help!
  18. hi im a dance student at uni at the mo and am doing alot of teaching i have done a community dance practicioners award and have loads of dance lesson plans if anyone is interested in sharing sum ideas give me an email its snow_white930@hotmail.com
    thanx x
  19. anyone ever taught gangs and gangsters style unit at Yr 7?
    i am a student teacher who needs some ideas!!

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