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First time teaching dance.

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by N3il, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. I really need some help.

    Ive got to teach dance and i have never taught it before. Does any1 have any ideas or even better schemes of work as everywhere i try i have to pay for them. And as im a trainee teacher im skint.

    Please help.
  2. I really need some help.

    Ive got to teach dance and i have never taught it before. Does any1 have any ideas or even better schemes of work as everywhere i try i have to pay for them. And as im a trainee teacher im skint.

    Please help.
  3. It depends on what age you are teaching. Some suggestions:

    Primary: Link it in to something that you are studying such as the industrial revolution and they have to work in small groups to be machines (sorry not a primary teacher!)

    Secondary: Again you could link it in by going cross-curricular, we did a really cool Romeo and Juliet dance with year 10 using different songs in the soundtrack. Movies are really good, The Matrix is a particular favourite, track 4 or 7 from the soundtrack, get them to work in groups of 3-6 and work on making motifs for the 2 different sides, e.g. Neo and the guys who are chasing him! Follow it up with slow motion using footage from the vid. and other dynamics such as levels, space, lifts etc.
    Men In Black works well with year 7 and 8, similar ideas, but you could learn the middle bit to teach them and give them ideas of motifs such as putting the sunglasses on. Harry Potter is fab, you could get them to make up a section on Quidditch.
    I completely understand how difficult it can be for non-specialists, I used to kak myself before but it gets better, trust me, my sport is footy!
  4. i have some very good schemes of work such as harry potter, and also based on pedestrian dance development for GCSE. if you want some of these let me know aND I'll make you a copy
  5. I teach quite a lot of dance at the moment and have been trying to think of some new themes. I would be interested in getting a copy of the Harry Potter scheme of work and any other ideas if thats possible?!
  6. Hi

    That harry potter theme sounds brill for one of my classes! please could I get a copy of that? Cheers!
  7. you lot want to be teaching hip hop and cheerleading.

    get up to date........
  8. Any chance of adding my name for Harry Potter. I have been out of teaching for seven years and out of the blue came a two day a week job which fitted around the children. Was never really a dance teacher but got by with some bits and pieces; these seem out of date! I am going to have to teach mixed dance to Years 7 and 8.
    Many thanks
  9. please may i have a copy of harry potter too! My year 7's love dance and i too am running out of good ideas! My email is nponsonby@hotmail.com! Thanks
  10. Hey Becky
    Your schemes of work sound really interesting and fresh. It would be great if i could grab a copy too. Thanks mbrookie82@yahoo.co.uk
  11. Hello,

    I am a dance specialist in the birmingham area, would any one be kind enough to send me the Harry Potter plans, to animatedteacher@hotmail.co.uk.

    Also looking at Superheros as a theme (fantastic4/Incredibles etc), is ideal for KS1 and KS2.

    should you need any help please do drop me a mail and i will try to help if i can.

  12. Hi, the Harry Potter dance unit sounds great can I be cheeky and ask for soemone to email it to me too (I need some help!!!) superheros also sounds cool can you email it to me please! I will post a message if I get my mits on anything exciting that you all may be interested in (I have a dance course coming up soon!)


  13. Please could i have a copy of the dance schemes of work these sound fab. I am a student teacher at present and have taught no dance what so eva or even seen any schemes of work so this would be a great help
    Thanks again
  14. Hiya, I've heard that the HAKA can make a good lesson or two - especially if you get some images off the net or from rugby videos (good for boys too!). I haven't tried to teach it though so not sure of its success in practice. If there's any chance of someone forwarding the Harry Potter plans that'd be great as I'm due to teach dance for the first time after half term. harrie39@hotmail.com Thanks
  15. marthauk

    marthauk New commenter

    jumping on that ever filling cheeky band wagon... could i grab a copy of the Harry potter scheme of work... sounds perfect for my class...

    cheers in advance Chris

  16. Hiya. Just read about the Harry Potter schemes of work - they sound great! Could i please get a copy too?


  17. I got this book, it really helps

    The dance teachers survival guide
    teaching dance in schools from ks1 - ks3

    by kathryn sexton
    from dancebooks.co.uk
    isbn 1 85273 102 8
  18. Hi,
    The Harry Potter and superhereos dance schemes sound fabulous. It woudl be fantastic if somebody could e-mail them to me. In exchange I have developed several dance schemes for each year group from year 1 to year 6 that I'd be happy to send including the HAKA. david.suzie@virgin.net

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