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First time questions!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Keep Smiling!, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    I'm almost 28 weeks pregnant and starting to think about the practical things but having never done this before I'm a bit unsure about things!
    1) What does the baby sleep in when they first come home? I know you shouldn't put blankets on them and was planning on using a gro bag but I know you can't use these until they're 10lbs. Presuming I don't have a 10lb baby (which is possible looking at the size of me!) what do you they sleep in when they're in the moses basket?
    2) How many baby gros, vests etc do I need to buy and in what size? I don't want to buy too many in the wrong size or too many with or without sleeves and then not use them. I'm due at the beginning of July so am unsure what the weather will be like!
    I've probably got loads more but can't think right now! Am hoping you lovely ladies with experience will be able to help!x
  2. Blankets were fine on my LO when she was born (they don't move around very much when they are very young, on the whole... in my experience anyway!). Then sleeping bag was brilliant (need more than one for night time accidents and to wash).
    My baby was born too big for newborn clothes and wasn't in 0-3 very long. She wasn't hugely heavy - 8lb4 - but tall and quite chubby. I would say that, in the event of not being sure of the size, shape and growing pattern of your baby just get a few bits - it is so so easy to get things in these days of 24 giant supermarkets. Also that way you can see what people start to buy for you, as people inevitably do. Also if you can resist doing all the shopping early, you can buy a few packs in different sizes and then return ones that you don't think you'll need once you have met your baby. I know you're meant to wash them first but this doesn't take long (and in all honesty not everything got washed before my baby wore it, and no harm ever came to her).
  3. I mean 24 HR giant supermarkets, by the way!

  4. We put our winter baby in a vest, sleepsuit and swaddled her in a blanket which was fine. She slept well unitl waking up for a feed and then we had to really work hard as she originally didn't fall asleep quickly after her fed due to being cold- we used hot water bottles, hairdryer- you named it! These things worked well for a while unitl the fabulous sleeping bag came into play- can't recommend them enough and they're bloody brilliant. My LO never really liked her arms bound and would try to wriggle them out of the swdddle, sleeping much better without, but some babies need to be swaddled to feel secure. You can get sleeping bags from matalan with a popper under the arm that makes them suitable from 7 lb, then maybe wrap a sheet round his/her arms to hold them close to the body? Obviously adjust clothing to suit. In the summer our LO just wore a long sleeved vest and a 1 tog sleeping bag as she couldn't sleep without being covered up, i.e. she wouldn't sleep without the sleeping bag.
    Every baby is different- you just have to get to know your own! It's a lot of trial and error but lovely too :)
  5. Bizarrely considering my little lady weighed in at just over 9lb, newborn clothes were still generous on her and she wore them for 3 weeks or so. 0-3 month clothes lasted until she was just under 3 months...I knew she was likely to be big and massively underestimated the amount of newborn vests/sleepsuits I would need.
    We had a June baby and she wore a sleepsuit on cooler nights, or a vest on hotter nights. We used a cellular blanket for a few weeks until we discovered what a godsend swaddling her was in keeping her asleep for longer at night. So, generally she was swaddled in a mothercare miracle swaddle thin blanket.

  6. Hi,
    I agree with all of the above, especially about waiting to see what people buy you, I was amazed how much people gave, even those I didn't know so well! Just make sure you take at least 3 sets of vests and babygros into hospital (presuming you're having a hosp birth sorry if I'm wrong!) as they can be a bit sicky the first night.
    My youngest was a late May baby so by the time the weather was stupidly hot, I found putting him to bed in just a babygro and not a vest and leaving the babygro poppers undone worked a treat. When he wore just a vest his arms and legs would be too cold but his body got too hot, so doing the reverse worked better. He did look funny like he should have a gold chain on or something though!!
    Good luck x
  7. You can but you don't need to. I got one from tesco that had a little pocket to slip baby into then wrap the other bits around. It was soft jersey material so not too hot. Alternatively you need a blanket (or a nice soft flannel sheet in hotter weather) and the more square shaped it is (rather than rectangular) the better. Fold one corner in towards the middle, then lie baby so her head is just above the new flat edge you have made. Fold in one side and tuck in under baby, making sure her arms are tucked in. Fold up the bottom point, then fold the other side over and tuck underneath (its a bit like making fajitas!). Traditionally swaddling means their arms are by their sides in the swaddle, but some babies prefer them out - my boys always managed to wriggle them out, no matter how firmly wrapped they seemed, other babies will just get frustrated that they can't get their arms free!
    As a first time mum I'm sure you have lots of questions, but you do work out your own way too, I always say having children is the biggest blag of my life!!
  8. Trudy

    Trudy New commenter

    I used to swaddle mine with one arm bent so that their fingers could reach their mouth, and the other arm would be swaddled to their side nice and tight.
  9. Mine hated being swaddled and used to go red in the face trying to get her arms out- we wrapped her up with her arms out and she was fine.
    I have just seen in mothercare catalogue a sleeping bag with swaddle attached for arms- might be worth looking into as a transition from swaddling to sleepign bag.
  10. 1. - I had a winter baby (prem) October 31st - he had vest, baby grow and swaddled him in blankets, as December was really cold last year put more blankets on top of that - He went into a gro bag at Christmas about 8 weeks old. was only 5lb 15oz born. I would have thought sleep in a vest/baby grow with sheet over in July
    2. I was bought 100's of baby grows in 0-3 - did not need that many. - We had lots of newborn which because we had a prem baby were way too big for him - my mum went out and bought loads of tiny/early baby baby grows and clothes for him. I dressed him in the day because to this day prestuds drive me insane! - I put him in vests with little sleeves at the moment - John Lewis ones are as cheap as Tesco etc about £1 a vest but softer for longer. (a friend got us some and I have never looked back)
    Good luck
  11. Sorry to butt in from the pregnancy forum, but wanted to add something about swaddling. I have no baby myself, but my friend gave birth 5 weeks ago (6weeks early). We bought her a swaddling blanket from mothercare that has a built-in cushion to support baby's head and body when he's being held/fed. My friend says he loves it so much, he won't sleep without being wrapped up in it! Just an idea. x

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