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First Time Music Tour - Please Help!

Discussion in 'Music' started by brebe05, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. brebe05

    brebe05 New commenter

    I am looking at taking my school choir on tour for the first time next year. Does anyone have any recommendations of places to go and travel companies that are good to use/stay away from. I think I want to stay quite close because it is our first tour, I was thinking either Isle of White or Dublin. Any ideas?

  2. Geoff Thomas

    Geoff Thomas Star commenter

    You could do worse than contact music@culturetrails.co.uk

    They do a lot of school tours and their main organiser is a male voice choir singer; so knows something about the problems and delights of getting a good choir tour together.
  3. lordsummit

    lordsummit New commenter

    I've always enjoyed taking groups to Disneyland Paris, not too expensive either and the performing experience is second to none. I've always used Club Europe for this.
  4. schmedz

    schmedz Occasional commenter

    First tour I was involved in, we organised everything 'in house' (but had a large department with excellent Music Admin support). We did performances in Paris at a church, a cathedral and Disneyland Paris (best part of this was the time spent in the park enjoying the rides. The performance itself is only about half an hour, but it was exciting to sing there too with pro-lighting and sound)

    Second time I used www.halsbury.com. They were EXCELLENT. Lots of discussion about potential itinerary, definitely worked to tailor to our needs and the groups size, and gave fantastic advice and suggestions about venues/accommodation etc... We went to Belgium and singing at the Menin Gate was an absolute privilege and highlight of the entire weekend.

    Delphine was a wonderful consultant (she is a musician so understands our needs!) and Tour costs are very reasonable.

    Enjoy it - lots of work to get the kids performance ready, but such a fantastic experience for them!
  5. mbarraclough

    mbarraclough New commenter

    I did my first tour this year, going to Belgium with 31 kids. Get in contact if you want some more detailed information :)
  6. ineedsleep

    ineedsleep New commenter

    I used NST for a number of years for trips to London, Ostend in Belgium and Valkenberg in Holland. All great for music and students

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