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First time back in Y6 after a few years out!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sarahe21, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. sarahe21

    sarahe21 New commenter

    Hi All, I am back teaching in Y6 after a few years in Y5. I am currently teaching set 2 Maths - this group had a very disrupted year last year due to staff illness and they are very unsettled and have big gaps in their learning. I have tested them and completed a gaps analysis - reasoning is a real weakness. I want to know what all the experienced Y6 teachers out there would do in this case. My gut is telling me to revise, revise, revise! Lots of sample questions and forget White Rose (the scheme used in our school). Is it too early to do this? Should I wait until after Christmas? Thanks
  2. nancymancey

    nancymancey New commenter

    Personally, I would wait until after Christmas when you have taught more of the Y6 maths curriculum, I/m spending this half term focussing on fractions, decimals and percentages as this is a weakness in my class, and there were a LOT of questions on these last year. We'll start properly revising mid Feb x
  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Revising is covering what they already know. If your group had a disrupted year then their year five knowledge will be shaky, hence the weaknesses in reasoning. You need to teach the year six curriculum and focus your lessons on reasoning tasks. WR will be great for this, with lots of year five arithmetic type homeworks to firm up their knowledge.
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  4. WelshMags

    WelshMags New commenter

    I was in a similar position last year with a lower set that had no confidence about reasoning and problem solving. Make sure you practise arithmetic questions regularly to ensure they can pick up as many marks as possible on that paper. For reasoning it was a question of building up confidence. I used Third Space material (sign up for emails and get free resources) such as the blog on different types of problems then concentrated on one type of problem for a few days at a time. We had a point system and reward chart - points earned for having a go as to begin with they were too scared to even try. Rewards when they reached various amounts of points. This was towards the end of the year when I was getting worried about their progress and fear of problems. If I taught Y6 again I’d start this much earlier. It worked - just keep being positive and telling them they can do it. Encourage all attempts and reinforce the importance of learning from mistakes. There are some very good White Rose problem resources- start with the easy ones rather than ditching them as they are the type of problems on the SATs papers. Lots on TES eg Barvember problems from last year. They will get there!
  5. sarahe21

    sarahe21 New commenter

    Thanks for all this helpful advice. You are all right, I need to use WRM to secure the gaps from Y5 and develop reasoning skills. I think I might have started to panic a bit too early!

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