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First teaching post - what should I prepare for my classroom?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Jools1808, May 18, 2011.

  1. Lots of posts are talking about buying equipment to make the NQT year go more smoothly. Do you have a budget to cover this or are you dipping into your own pockets? Having just come from industry I'm sort of expecting the school to provide me with equipment that I need. On an NQT salary I think I could quickly get fed up of having to subsidise the school/Govt. Sorry if that's being negative.
  2. I was intending for it to be out of my own pocket and family/friends have asked if there's anything I would like.
    I expect the school to pay for certain things, but if I want to add things to my classroom to suit my own preferences, e.g. cushions in the book corner, I expect that I will need to pay for these things.
    I've been buying bits and bobs quite cheaply though. I picked up 10 horrible histories books for £2.00 in a charity shop last week.
    This week, I emailed a few book publishers and asked for posters for my classroom. I've not had responses from all, but 2 of them have been really kind and offered me a mixture of fiction/non-fiction/picture and 9+ (I have y3/4) I'd recommend contacting them for some freebies!
    I'm on a tight budget, but I want my classroom to feel like a space that I've created and be happy with everything in it. Maybe it's optimistic, but I think I can do it :)
    Hope that clarified things a little.
  3. Hi,
    I've just got my first teaching job and going to meet my class and staff on 22nd, really excited!!! Just having a look through and there's some great ideas on here that i'll definitely be using. One of the places i'm heading to for bits and bobs is poundland (or any £ or 99p shop!) they do soooo much random bits in there, stationary, storage, i've also seen big laminated educational posters in there too. Another place that can have some fab deals is wilkinson, again loads of stationary and storage ideas in there and also they do huge amounts of craft bits for children.
    Someone mentioned offcuts earlier and I will be using these, local fabric shops and chain stores like C&H if you have one near regularly have a stash of scraps and offcuts from 50p onwards depending on size so worth a look =)
    I've made a visual timetable to stick on the board and move around already so I'm prepared and have made a list of things I want in my classroom. Don't forget the simple things e.g. tissues, wipes/hand sanitizer, a calendar, post its, velcro, blu tac, safety pins, sandwich bags, J cloths and a radio if you like music! Also someone on another site suggested a spare P.E kit, after having children that constantly forgot theirs on my last teaching practice, i'll definitely be going to asda/primark and buying a couple of plain tops and shorts!
    Hope my little contribution helps, thanks for all your ideas [​IMG] Jess
  4. mrsshorty

    mrsshorty New commenter

    Some great ideas thanks Jess! Exciting isnt it!
  5. Passed my final placement with 'Outstanding' - SO pleased!
    Went to Ikea last week and bought some boxes reduced to 70p each for keeping books in, a wall hanging storage thing for £3.00 which I'm thinking of using for spellings, a rail with 3 big hanging pots for £3.50 in total - ideal for all sorts of bits and bobs! And...a rug for my reading corner. It was £30, but I love it and I am sure it will last me for years and brighten up my classroom http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/70151707 (someone else suggested it earlier too)
    My Mum has bought me a stamp which says 'This book belongs to' so I can make sure all my books don't disappear!
    I got the Roald Dahl collection for £15.99 from The Book People - an absolute bargain! I have most of them already, but they are from my childhood and I'd rather keep them, so this find was a gem!
    I'm going to the £ shop today to have a little hunt for some bits and pieces, maybe some storage boxes (loving the storage!) and some prizes etc.
  6. Oh, forgot to say, The Body Shop have a half price sale on at the moment. I know it's normally pricey, but I got some lovely bits there for my TA and Teacher Tutor as a thank you gift for less than £20.00. Don't know if it will be useful to anyone, but I thought I'd just mention it.
  7. Bit random, but I've been thinking that on swap day I would like to take photos of each class member (and make a note of names so I can learn who is who over the summer!) and take a few photos of them in their groups etc, and maybe as a class as a whole, so I can make one of those personalised calenders and have different pics of the class for each month (obviously making sure each pupil is in a pic). Thought it would add a nice personalised touch to the class and hopefully pupils will be excited to see which pic is coming next! [​IMG]
  8. A great website for free resources is ******.co.uk for EYFS,KS1. you have the choice of ordering prints or just print it out yourself for free!!!! especially great to use as an alturnative to ********** if you dont want to use that.
  9. Hi Jools, I am also going to be an NQT from September in year 1, very excited but nervous too! What year are you going to have? That rug looks great, think I need to pay a trip to ikea. If you don't mind me asking, where did your mum get the stamp from? You asked in an earlier post about where to get cheap beanbags and cushions from. I bought a flower shaped dog bed from home bargains that I'm going to put in my reading corner. It only cost £4. Ikea have got a very cool ladybird beanbag http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/60166752 Primark have got some zebra printed blankets for £2. I'm goign to get my mum to make cushions out of them.

  10. Congrats! Sounds like you're feeling exactly the same as me. I'm not sure which year group yet, as the school are interviewing for one more teacher next week and need to make decisions about who will be going where. But it will be either y3/4 or 5/6 - I'm hoping for 3/4 and it has been indicated that it's most likely where I will end up, so fingers crossed.
    I'm not sure where the stamp came from, but will ask and let you know. I know she said it was about £2.00 but postage was a bit higher, so it's worth buying a couple if there's anything else you like on the website.
    Good idea about making some cushions, I might have to ask my Aunt to get sewing! Thanks for your ideas.
    The rug is lovely, thick and soft. It's massive too (2m long), so a good 10 children could comfortably sit and read on it.
  11. Heya,
    One of my first posts on here. Glad to see many NQT's as enthusiastic as me.
    I'm finding that there are many things I want to do , so I'm finding it difficult to know where to start.
    Slightly startled by the amount of things i'm planning to do for Septemeber.

    I have a set of stamps that I was given as a gift that are great! Have random things on them such as, great effort, well done. I think these will be such a time saver when it comes to marking. As i can stamp and then fill in more detailed comments such as targets, strengths.
    Thanks for starting the post some lovley ideas.
  12. You should avoid sparkle box - although the resources are great. The creator is a convicted paedophile - see the TES article: https://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6033403
    try http://www.******.co.uk/ or http://www.tpet.co.uk/ as alternatives
  13. I'll be an NQT in ks2 come September too, some really helpful advice on here, thanks everyone! I don't yet know the year group yet (probably 5) just want to find out for sure so I can get started on preparing properly! I found some good stickers and stamps and things here www.primaryteaching.co.uk but am waiting to check what year group before I buy anything!
    I liked the idea of taking pictures to get started on learning names, might do that if I get a chance, although I suppose it depends on if the school are happy with that, I know some are really strict about pictures.
  14. I do not understand why any school would be anti too many displays on the wall etc as this helps make a classroom inviting. I will be an NQT in September and I will be teaching in year 5. I intend to put up basic displays as a start to the topics I will be teaching in September. I want to create an inviting reading corner and I want all the displays to be interactive, and to attract children to want to add their work to the displays. Organised, attractive and creative is the type of classroom I am aiming to achieve.
  15. I completely agree; classroom environments should be stimulating and inviting. I hate it when schools become too rigid in the way they want their displays, it should be reflective of the teacher and class in that classroom. I will be an NQT and I am also going to have basic displays; birthday balloons where the dates of childrens birthdays will be displayed (one for each month), a visual timetable for the board and certain things relating to numeracy/literacy. I also read a great idea in the transition days ideas thing on the TES about a "Dream Tree" in which children complete a leaf with one aspiration for the year. I thought this would make a great display alongside whatever I get them to do on the class changeover day. I also want to ensure that it is kept organised; lots of folders will be key!
  16. Biggest advice is to create a list in your classroom and whenever somebody borrows something write what they have borrowed, who borrowed it and when. I have had lots of stuff that I lent out this year go missing!

  17. I had Yr5/6 as my final placement. We were doing a topic on movement and the human body etc. Each week I put up two large pieces of art (from the local authority resources) on the wall and laminated enough 'ticks' (attached to the wall by blu tack) for each child to vote for the picture they thought showed the most movement. At the end of the week we discussed their opinions and it led to some really interesting class debates. The class really enjoyed the interactive display and this is something I will introduce to my new class in September (Yr 3).
  18. I just bought 36 reward pencils with star of the week, well done and great work written on them from the website below. They were 70% off and I got a further 35% off the sale price by using the promo code, so they cost me a little under £3.00 and will be brilliant for my class in September.
    The link to the website and the promo code can be found on this thread:
  19. Fab. Couldn't miss out on a bargain like that! I started moving things into my new classroom today. Felt completely overwhelmed! Didn't get much done but fell that there is no point putting things away until I have decided where I'm moving th furniture to!
  20. I'm taking the advice of everyone here but my future classroom is several thousands of miles away as I'm relocating so I'll need to wait till I get there to see exactly what I will need to add to the classroom, etc - I thought of downloading useful display posters onto a pen drive and so on, does anyone have any other suggestions? I do have a relocation fee for shipping stuff out but I don't want to spend it all yet!

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