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First Ofsted!!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by terri1972, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. terri1972

    terri1972 New commenter

    Just wanted to say, I've got my first Ofsted inspection as an Nqt next week!! [​IMG]
    ANy tips??!! [​IMG]
  2. I can't help with tips I'm afraid, I too am NQT awaiting 'that call'. It has been so stressful in the run up to ofsted and we are still waiting. If you don't mind me asking, when did they call and what days are they appearing. I know they are currently giving 48 hrs notice, does that mean they can phone on a Friday and appear for Monday morning?

  3. I'm an NQT too, but have a great book on Ofsted (sad, I know - but worth it) Each time I've been observed this term I'm been giving outstanding, something I wasn't getting whilst I was training:
    The most important thing is that the students are engaged, motivated and interested - make it interesting - competitive, etc
    Differentiated success criterias as outcomes, so there are a range of things for students to achieve, tiered in terms of ability (All, Most, Some)
    Have something on the board as soon as the kids come in to be getting on with (3 min starter for example)
    Hands down questionning (pair, pause, share)
    Higher order questioning - evaluative questions
    Paired / group work
    Lesson plan and data ready for the observer to see
    Pitstop plenaries (pause midway through the lesson / activity to check progression)
    Student led learning (i.e you may let an able student lead the plenary - what they have learnt, how they have learnt it)
    Ensure the students know how what they've learnt can help them in other subjects and outside of School

  4. terri1972

    terri1972 New commenter

    Thanks everyone. All your advice is really useful.
    We got the call on Friday morning and they're coming on Tuesday. I have planned my lessons carefully, (only really what I would always do!) but it's the not knowing if they'll come in which is worse than anything!
    I'll let you know how we get on.
    Thanks again

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