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first observation

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by missh27, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. On Monday morning my mentor and the headteacher will be observig me for the first time.
    I just wanted some advice/comments on the idea for my lesson.
    its poetry - I am going to start with looking at onomatopoeia words by
    having a sentence and then the pupils saying what sound word it is.
    I am going to play the recording of the poem bluebottle, without the
    ending and get the pupils to guess what is being described. We will go
    over verbs, similes and metaphors.
    Main task - HA - change the
    similes in the poem into different ones and pick out the metaphors in
    the poem and add one of their own.
    MA - Pick out verbs in the poem and and put in new ones. Also put in new similes.
    LA - Pick an animal - write some describing words for it and try to write a simile.
    - a simile man - have a pick of a man and they have to fill in the
    similes, so the beginning bit is done they just need to write two word
    in each simile so
    hair as ....... as ..........

    Plenary - Share a simile

    My class are year 5 ranging from level 1 to level 4
    and the focus of my observation (chosen by me) is going to be if I am challenging/supporting the pupils enough.
    I would just likesome comments on my lessonto see what people think and what I can expect my mentor/headteacher to say

    Miss H
  2. I am primary trained and to me that looks like a really nice lesson! Differentiated but engaging for all and options to share in a plenary! Good luck, I don't see why you shouldn't expect positive feedback. [​IMG]

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