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first observation from college tutor,PGCE science

Discussion in 'Science' started by hypermetropic, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Don't worry too much - as long as you demonstrate you know your subject material & can keep the pupils moving with you through the lesson you should be fine.
    If, for any reason you have to deviate off your lesson plan, don't worry. All teachers have to do this sometimes if it becomes evident that there is a gap in the class knowledge or the class gets enthusiastic about a relevant but 'off-plan' topic. Make sure you open & close the lesson tidily.
  2. Hi Hummi

    I wrote a long reply but the TES website seemed to crash and
    lose it all! (Now see it says its being "upgraded" - did I miss the advance warning?) Never mind – let’s try again.

    I guess you are finding the practise a bit harder than the
    theory: don’t worry, we all went through it.

    The big question I would ask is “are you making the most
    of the resources of the school we’ve placed you in?”

    Have you discussed your activities so far with your mentors?
    Have you listened to their advice and acted on it? Have you studied the
    medium-term plans for this lesson and carefully considered the suggested
    activities? Have you discussed your ideas with the class teacher and tried the
    practicals under the guidance of the technician?

    I would expect to see a written plan for the lesson,
    complying with any guidance given previously (for me, that would include a
    target-distribution of the pupils, with differentiated work where appropriate).
    I would anticipate starter, main, plenary and an indication of how today links
    to past and future learning. I would hope for a copy of the register and any
    printed resources, some of which would only to be used in the event of problems
    with individuals or groups.

    I would ask you to show me round the room, pointing out
    safety devices (gas & electric controls, first aid resources, important
    documents eg evacuation procedure) whilst discussing how the pupils are
    organised (ability groups? boy/girl seating? etc). A cup of coffee would be nice, as would an
    introduction to the class teacher.
    <font face="Times New Roman" size="3">

    </font>A competent lesson would be great. I would not expect an
    all-singing-all-dancing performance at this stage. Do you know any and use pupil names
    (a register / seating plan might be a good strategy)? Do you use the school
    reward system to help maintain discipline, or do you panic and tear your hair
    out? Are your resources readily to hand, sensibly arranged and used adroitly?
    Do you get them back in an orderly manner? How SAFE are the pupils? Do they
    LEARN anything? Do they learn what you intended?

    I would want a quiet, private time at the end of the lesson
    to praise your good points. I would ask you if you could think of any
    improvements before making a COUPLE of my own. I would want to finish with a chat to your mentor, where I might
    outline a few further points and ask for feedback on you if I hadn&rsquo;t got it at the start.

    Good luck.
  3. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

    Thanks everyone.
    Physics suits you...fantastic advice and I am going to print it off.
    thanks for taking the time to answer my Q.
    I am using the college resources and making some of my own.
    I have made a file which would be solely for my tutor ,includes seating plan,class list,SEN requirements, my lesson plan,the resources I am using.
    I remember most of the names in my class as it is a bit naughty one so I had to learn all names to call out.
    I am not doing a practical that day.
    The only problem I am facing is the timing.
    Can't close my lesson smoothly.
    When I give a worksheet 10 minutes,it always takes more than that as the pupils keep saying 'we havent finished miss.!!!'...I need to work on that..!
    But...Thanks all!!!

  4. Try "I'm going to stop you after 9 minutes". Give them a warning at 7minutes (do you have a Countdown timer on your whiteboard? or an alarm on your phone?), tell them "pens down" at 9minutes and have a go at anyone who hasn't stopped [or at 8m45s say "complete your last sentence now because I'm stopping you in 10seconds"]. Inform them that this is a vital skill for external exams: anyone still writing when told to stop COULD lose all of their marks (unlikely, but possible). This allows you that extra minute for explaining your rules which makes it fit into the alloted slot! Stick to strict timing, with warnings, and tell them it is for their own good. Practice it regularly.
    Gain control over classes with little things which are very clear (although some smart-alec will say "I'm using pencil" [​IMG] ). YOU need to be in charge. If someone "can't" put their pen down, make life a little uncomfortable for them: "stand up for the next 5 minutes" or "come and write your first answer on the board" (that MAY be a reward?). A lot of teaching is about knowing what you want and then getting it.
    From a philosophical point of view, I would ask why you aren't doing a practical. My old Science Advisor (N Yorks) would often call unannounced and was usually happy to see me. However, if he didn't see a practical in action, he would want to know if he'd missed it and then say "I spend hours persuading Heads to provide enough labs; if you don't do practicals you might as well be in a room - they're much cheaper". So I hope you've got a good answer! [​IMG]

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