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First NQT Post

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by sailgurl, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. I am an NQT teaching secondary science and starting my first post next week. I am unsure about what to do with regards to my first lesson with each new class. Do I set aside some "getting to know them" time or just get on with it?
  2. I'd put them all in new seating plans then just get teaching. They'll be eager to get into a routine after the xmas break. Make sure you make clear your expectations.
  3. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    I started my first NQT secondary post after October half term and my advice would be to get them settled, focused and show them that you mean business as quickly as possible.
    If your experiences are anything like mine, the students will try and push your boundaries at first and there might be some behaviour issues. Go in and be very clear about what you expect in terms of behaviour and learning and stick to the rewards and sanctions policy and your own behaviour expectations. As soon as they think you will give any leeway then they will start causing you difficulties. I felt like crying in the first four weeks as a NQT because I didn't expect the behaviour challenges (mainly because of how good they were for the old teacher during handover) but if you have the same problems, feel comforted that things do improve after a few weeks.
    I am only a teacher with half a term's experience but I went in far too 'nice' at first and the students were a nightmare, I tried 'getting to know them' activities which did not work at all, the kids just ran wild. It worked with post 16 though.
    Obviously your experiences might be completely different to mine but I thought I'd share! Best of luck.x
  4. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    The old adage of teaching "don't smile until Easter" was there for a reason.
    Essentially the teaching comes first. Anything else is a plus and if you want to "get to know" the students ( whatever that means ) that will happen slowly over a period of time.
    Do not make the mistake of being "their mate". You are not. You are their teacher.
  5. I've just finished my first half term as an NQT, and it's been tough, but I'm still loving it!

    Sometimes I felt like giving up (days when I regularly had 8-10 students in for break-time detentions) but stick to your guns, it gets easier! Don't drop your behaviour expectations, eventually they will learn what you want from them, and they will give it. Make sure you follow through too -if you say you'll phone home/speak to HOY/speak to form tutor/have them back at breaktime, make sure you do it...
    It's all stuff that you will have covered in ITT, but this time you're "on your own".

    Good luck, and remember, it gets easier!

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