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First NQT Position

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by anon2047, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I start my first job soon and although it is temporary I should be able to get a good part of my induction completed. However, I am concerned that I will not get any support. I have been told in advance that I will have problems, the timetable doesn't seem to have enough PPA time etc and I am really worried. I struggled with challenging schools and classes on my PGCE course and received no support and am worried that this will be the same - if it is, i'm not sure I could go through it all again.
    Don't get me wrong, I am a fighter and i don't expect my hand to be held or to run to my mentor every 5 minutes, I am very pro-active but the thought of having to endure it all is making me feel ill and I haven't even started yet. In the current climate I am lucky to have got a job when so many others are chasing them and I do not want to seem ungrateful - I really want to teach but don't want to fail my NQT year. Maybe its nerves, although I don't think so - I know that I can teach I just feel as though i will be trapped forever if I don't like it. Can you move if you are lucky enough to get something else or is it seen as bad form?
    I don't have anyone I can talk to so I suppose I am venting, but I would appreciate any strategies that anyone can offer.
  2. katnoodle

    katnoodle New commenter

    First of all well done getting your first post - it's not easy! I'm an NQT having started my first job in September. I completely understand your concerns about behaviour. It's not much, but my advice would be to know the behaviour policy of the school inside out so you have complete confidence about what you can and can't do from day one. But also I've found the discipline style of the school is just as important - what expectations does the school and the teachers have and how do they communicate them? At my placement school I'd say it was more relaxed and personalised - especially with regard to academic expectations. It's taken me this long to get used to knowing what I can expect at my current school and communicate my particular expectations and sanctions with complete confidence - and the effect of the kids has been very noticeable.

    (Apart from the chatty can't-control-their-mouths-if-their-lives-depended-on-it Year 7s!)
  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the advice! I have asked for the behaviour policy... but it hasn't materialised. I am just really worried - to the point of thinking about turning it down. I need to pass my NQT year and I just can't go through another bad placement again.
    Year 7's - they remind me of the old 'lemmings' computer game!
    Thanks for your advice.
  4. There are certain aspects of your induction post (indeed also for all teachers) that are legal obligations for heads and govenors. You musat be provided with a timetable that includes a PPA and NQT allowance - which is a 19% reduction in your teaching load during induction, after than you must get 10% PPA time.
    I would be very surprised if the school does not have a behaviour policy - but its not just having the policy, it is also about putting it into practice and supporting the policy with backing from all line managers.
    You are free to move during induction to another post, it is best of course that this is done at the end of a term so that the transfer is neat and easy. Ideally, you should try to complete in one school, but things change and provided you provide reasons for your need to change it does not have to cause a problem.

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