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First nqt observation

Discussion in 'Primary' started by oneinamil, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. oneinamil

    oneinamil New commenter

    Hey guys, I have a lesson observation tomorrow and I am struggling on how I can extend my highers. The LO is to learn how to take notes and the chn will be taking notes of a "crime scene" on school grounds. I am struggling on how I could extend my more-able chn - any ideas pls?
  2. princess77

    princess77 New commenter

    We had a note making lesson involving research about an author. My high achievers were given suggestions of different ways to record and organise their notes and they selected the one they wanted. Most opted for creating a flow chart with Post-its. Key words were highlighted, notes needed to be placed in chronological order as we were building up to writing a biography.

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