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First morning..

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sandyk, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. sandyk

    sandyk New commenter

    Hi all

    As an NQT I'm just wondering how some of you approach you're first morning/day with your new class. I don't think I want to jump into talking about rules first thing so was wondering what some of you guys have planned? Has anyone any ideas on how I could jazz up the usual 'what did you do in the holidays?' routine. I have Year 4.

  2. I have always gone straight into rules and expectations with my class. We do this together and it means that the children know right from the start what the expectations are in the classroom and where things are etc.
    I also use this as a time to start to establish some routines like practicing stopping during a session.
  3. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Come in, short session on rules and other workings of the classroom, like helpers, house points, rewards, etc. Also gonna get the older kids to show the new kids where everything is kept. Plus some of my kids are new to KS2, so will give them all a little talk about new expectations, and other changes they will experience.

    Then for the rest of that session (Shouldn't take too long) we'll do a short piece of writing on their holidays, boring I know but gives me a good idea of what they can do.

    After play, we'll do a maths roundabout, lots of tables with different activities, me on one, ta on the other, kids move round, I can do a short assessment. I'm not gonna waste time doing games and things because I want to establish a routine and get them back into school mode.
  4. I like your idea, lillipad, of a circuit of maths activities.

    As PFF said, I will be launching into rules and expectations. I will start the morning by showing the children how I would like them to set their work out and what the morning routine will consist of. Next, I will do some English and maths, basically hitting the ground running - start 'em off whilst they are fresh and raring(!) to go!

  5. Don't jazz anything up !.
    They are Year 4 so the Year 3 teacher will moulded them into Juniors.
    I would.
    <ol>[*]Rules established by you and the class. Keep it to 5.[*]Routines for stationary as they will eat/steal etc anystationary that you aren't strict with (They will !). I can bet that you will be missing a pencil/rubber or 2 by Friday. Have stationary monitors who collect and give it out. Do not dismiss until all returned.[*]Lining up order for assembly, leaving for PE etc and stick to it. You decide who lines up where. [*]Places on the carpet !.[*]Rules for layout and dealing with mistakes (bracket etc) or whatever.[*]Toilet rules (are they allowed to go when they want)[*]How they are to leave and enter the class</ol>
    Be very strict for the first few weeks and reinforce all of the above. They will be lovely and quiet .......... to start so don't be fooled.
    Benefits now will be rewarded later. Stick to Rules and Routine even if they seem like the class from heaven. Come Christmas you will be glad and Christmas concert practice will start in about 8 weeks from now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi
    I also like your ideas for the maths roundabout. What sort of activities would you be doing on these?
  7. sandyk

    sandyk New commenter

    Thanks for all your suggestions. God I sound so green compared to you lot! You're dead right, I have been lulled into a false sense of security after meeting the class in july and they behaved so immaculately! I'll be sure to keep my guard well up! Some great suggestions there - I'd also be interested in hearing more about the types of maths activities you'd suggest for first day assessments.

    thanks a lot

  8. With a six week break and little taught in the last week of two of last term, children have not done Maths for two months !.
    They are forgetful too at this stage. For a first day maths I would do
    1. Number bonds to 10 as a quick warm up, then 20 and then to 100. Discourage answers like 99 + 1, 98 +2 although they are and develop methods for alternative answers. This will show quite a bit.
    2. Recap on partitioning, start with tens and unit numbers, HTU and ThHTU. Again this will show knowledge of place value.
    I wouldn't do more than that on the first day.
    If you wanted to do group work so you can move from table to table I would do have some children recaping on number bonds starting with like I suggested. Most able children will get to the number bonds to 100 questions. Others could be partitioning. Have 2 groups doing each. Return to the carpet for a plenary and whiteboard activities.

    Don't differeniate as you need to work out who can do what. Give them all the same work but which is progressive as they work through the assignment.
    Remember they haven't written on paper for weeks and weeks so won't be at their sharpest or quickest.
  9. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    I would echo that. They will be great for the first couple of weeks so you will want to start easing up.


    You have to be really strict for as long as possible. After the first half-term/term of you being strict they will get the message and things will be easier. In my NQT year I relaxed to soon and it became harder to control the class later in the year.
  10. elegia

    elegia New commenter

    I met my new class (in a new school) and it was chaos. I try not to forget that it was the last day of term and they'd had three teachers that year... but still, it's the first time I've known anything like that. On 6th Sept I will have to be Ms. Trunchbull!
  11. At least yours behaved immaculately. So you already know that they CAN, theoretically. Met my new class on transfer day and some of them were already rather cheeky. Surprising, considering that they are "moving up" to our school. [​IMG]
    They did leave my room commenting that I'm apparently "quite strict" and I will try to keep that illusion up for as long as possible. My last class were rather "easy" and despite being chatty, they were well behaved without me having to exert much pressure.
    I'll start with rules and expectations, get to know some names and practise lining up in silence (oh joy), then we need to get transport sorted, have a whole school fire drill and in the afternoon, they will be taken around the school by their buddies. In between, we'll be working on targets for the term (discuss them, make kites and decorate them, etc.) and then start with the class reader. On Friday, I'll be properly starting with English and Geography. Maths will have to wait until the following week, because we have sets for Maths and keep our classes for the first two days.
  12. Thanks for your maths ideas, good girl!
  13. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    I'm sorry, but someone has to do it. StationAry at the station - trains stand still.
    StationEry - things that you write on, stuff that you write with. Please learn to spell this. It is a noun. Stationary is an adjective. If it helps you to remember, E in Envelope, Envelope is StationEry. Please, please, try to remember this. It avoids embarrassment.
  14. Well done, this is meant to be supportive forum not one in which we pull each other up on simple mistakes. When you are trying to think of ways to help someone, correct spelling and grammar sometimes fall by the wayside.
  15. I have just re-read these posts and notice that lardylegs didn't offer advice to the OP - yet !
    So maybe he/she could do that first and then give advice on simple spelling mistakes made by people who did.
  16. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    My, didn't I rattle your cage? 'Simple spelling mistakes'. Basic English, I'd say, the sort of thing I will be teaching my pupils in KS2 next term. Reply to the OP is what you want? OK, here it is. "Jazz up". No. Don't go there. Tell them like it is. I'm the teacher, you will do as I say. Once you have learned to do that, then we might consider doing some 'fun' stuff. I am not here to entertain, I am here to educate. Deal with it.
  17. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    You really are pathetic at times. I guarantee that if we looked through your old posts we would find some mistakes.

    I have no problem with pointing out an error but you rarely do it in a constructive way. Maybe you need a hobby or just to get out a bit more. Have you tried joining a gym? You can meet new people there, maybe even make some friends.
  18. So getting back to the OP...
    On the first morning, getting them inside, coats away etc will take longer than normal as they won't know where things go (R,Y1 etc anyway!)
    Then we will do the register, talk about our classroom rules with their input and we will agree on 5 or so. You can keep talking about these through the year and remind them that they made these rules. I would phrase them in a positive way.
    Then in my class I will just have a range of 'nice' activities for the first morning for the children to access independently that don't need much input from me. They can also access CP in the room and get to know where things are etc. This will allow me to move around the room and just observe/talk to them and try to get to know them. This may or may not be frowned upon by some people!
    In the afternoon we will do something to do with getting to know each other, not sure what yet! Getting them ready to go home will also take longer than normal so allow plenty of time for this.
    Good Luck!
  19. We agreed class rules on transition day so the first morning I will go through expectations for register, then the class rules (which I typed out and blew up to A3) which they, TA and I sign. This gets laminated and displayed in the room. I spend up to break time discussing expectations for PE ,,,,. There will be an assembly so that's it until break. After break - into ICT suite, remembering how to log in etc .... and start learning about spreadsheets. Afternoon - topic teaching (planned as an outdoor lesson so hope it doesn't rain!). Friday - teach. I like the idea of the maths carousel so might fit that in somewhere or as my first lesson.
    Good luck!
  20. I give out face shaped paper. They draw themselves while they are settling and getting used to new surroundings. We then have a class time on where they holidayed/ visited during the summer - 1 place per child! They are then placed on a world map. AS part of ICT find how far they have travelled from home and some data handling and recording keeps them happy until break while I can circulate and talk to each child on their own.

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