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First Lesson in ESL - in China!

Discussion in 'EAL' started by Lana55, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Lana55

    Lana55 New commenter

    Hi Guys,

    I have been given this cover work for Grade 9, until the appointed guy comes. I never taught English in my life. Only Maths!

    I haven't seen these students before, and am not sure what to do in those 40 minutes of my lesson.

    I am thinking of giving them a diagnostic test, testing at least reading and writing. Then going over the answers.

    What would you suggest?

    Can you lead me to a website from where I can download short quizzes?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. kpjf

    kpjf Occasional commenter

    Maybe you have already started this class but I'm confused why you haven't been told their level by the head of department or fellow English teachers. I would say find this out immediately. It also seems weird you haven't been given material. How long are you teaching them for?

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