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First Interview - Yr 3 Numeracy Help please!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by daisy536, May 22, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I would really appreciate any advice, I have an interview and have to teach a yr 3 class numeracy for 30 minutes. What type of activity would anyone suggest? It has to be based on addition and subtraction however the range in ability is very wide.
  2. I would suggest thinking of a clear learning objective and going from there.
  3. I was thinking about doing triads and looking at inverse operations. The L.A could do addition and M.A could do add and subtract and H.A could look to find inverse operations and write number sentences.
  4. Lesson objective?
    Might be a bit easy for year 3. We do lots of sessions on inverse operations in year 2.
  5. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter

    Yeah I would agree that that would probably be a bit too easy for Year 3, especially the top groups. We have started to loo at it in Year 1 and some of the more able children are really starting to spot what's going on with inverse operations and changing the order of the numbers around!
    Will have a think. Have you checked out the ideas for theme parks maths on this forum? Not read it properly myself yet but it sounds fun?
    All I can think of at moment is maybe an investigation using dice, some kind of a problem solving task, maybe: what happens when you add odd and even numbers? Again, this might be too simple, but something like this could be tweaked to accommodate all abilities and extend the more able.
  6. Ah thanks, I will have a look at Theme Park Maths. I'm struggling because it is just a 30 min lesson!

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