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First few weeks planning

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kaz_allan, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. How/what are you planning for first few weeks? We usually have a special unit of work to follow but our head teacher wants us to go free of planning and just from childrens interests. I am worried that they might get bored and we may loose ficus or challenge without something to hinge their development on other than their interests.

    Maybe lots of you do plods/plans from childrens interests - any comments would be helpful I feel quite low on their first morning at school. Am scared of leaving our planning units behind and just following their needs and interests.

    Thank you
  2. A lot of people use an umbrella of 'all about me' as a starting point. It can be quite useful in helping you to establish where children are and what their interests might be.
    Surely you can justify a plan for the first 2-3 weeks.
  3. Thanks. Maybe I am just worrying over nothing!
  4. spectra75

    spectra75 New commenter

    hi how obsreving their interests will hinge their development?
    I have done focus planning only for settling in and i have noted so many interests in one week that im now building in new planning.
    I'm adapting my planning accordinly. a child brought in some autumn leaves in to show me and planning went in another direction. we did leaf rubbings and went on a walk picking various leaves, noticed the colors on their leaves. if i had stuck to 'my body' topic strictly i would not have found ways to faciliate learning through interests.

    watching them and extending their learning is the best resource for them
  5. Hi, this sounds brillian. How do you ensure you cover the entire curriculum through this and also excite and motivate them. in pevious years we have done exciting projects and have drawn the children in to make it seem like it was all their idea and they all or most of them seemed to love it. Things like helping a lost princess find her castle - leading to a castle school trip, or discovering a suitcase filled with old things in a tree etc etc
    I just worry that we will lack resources if we follow childrens needs and also that they wont be excited or motivated enough to make really good progress and to experience different things like castles and historical things!

    Help, I really want to plan from childrens interest but am worried about all these things. Any advice greatly received.
  6. Could you stick to a main theme or topic and then see what direction the children take it? So for example the castle topic stays the same but the children lead the direction? That way they're experiencing different things and following their own interests at the same time.
    I would use these first 6 weeks to really get to know the children, what their interests are and go from there. Put as many different resources out as possible.
    I know what you mean about resources though, often the children will have a great idea but we dont have the resources to follow it through straight away.


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