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First few days- lets collect ideas here

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Great ideas, as usual. I send a letter home to parents along with a leaflet for children explaining things like reward systems and 'worry box'. My first writing lesson is letter writing and for homework, I ask the children to write a reply to my letter. This creates an immediate display; big red postbox, envelopes the children have designed and their letters.
    Another writing activity - I bring in a treasure chest with items from the beach, lost key, 1 flip flop, shells, tiny perfume bottle etc. Each has a label with questions to prompt thinking e.g. what do you think this was used for? Who might have lost it? etc. THe children choose an item from the chest and write an imaginative story.
  2. What year group do you teach sandsplace? Also, I like the idea of a worry box, what does yours look like and how do you introduce it to the children?
  3. I love the treasure chest idea Sandsplace - this would fit in well with the Pirate topic I am hoping to do at the beginning of term. Which year group are you?

    What do you do with the worries in the box? Do you have a circle time on them?
  4. hello all. I teach P7 in Scotland so equiv to your year 6. Treasure chest made using large shoe box, padded the lid and covered with sugar paper with gold keyhole.
    Worry box, again a covered shoe box (tells you a bit about my spending habits). Got last years children to design it. They covered it in blue with waves and bubbles and 'let your troubles float away' written on. pretty naff but they like it. I explain it in my leaflet and ask them to sign notes so that I can talk to them about probs. General issues can be put in unsigned but it's up to me how I deal with that. Usually a class chat or circle time. I also put in the caveat that I may need to talk to other people who can help which covers child protection issues.
  5. shetland-kat

    shetland-kat New commenter

    jucup - thanks for that. We dont have SEAL (what is that by the way?) in Scotland - or rather i've never seen it used.

    I take it from the mind map, it is clear what they enjoy? Think i will give this a go tomorrow. Will be interesting to see what they all say.

    sandsplace - come and join us on this thread

  6. I love the idea of the worry box. Previously I have always been in KS1 and the children weren't always capable of writing down how they felt but now I am in year 4 I think I shall give it a go.

    I am going to do the class rules and then get stuck in. I think its a good idea to get structures sorted straight away, even (or esp.) with the little ones. I don't think it's scary for the kids, you don't have to be an ogre, just clear about your expectations. I think it makes the children more comfortable to know where they stand.

  7. mrsNibbles

    mrsNibbles New commenter

    I've been told for the first week that I just have to do 'maths games' with my year 5s but have no idea what to do!
    I'm going to play the Get 100 game with them - and probably some addition bingo - what other maths games do you play?????
  8. i like to get straight into topic work and start lit and numeracy on first day but make it quite basic. Think children appreciate getting going on work.
  9. I have year two and each year do the following in the first couple of days while trying to keep to a structured timetable so behaviour doesn't become a problem (and yes, lots of my ideas come from here!!)
    * Class rules, discuss and children write to go on the wall. Then use digital cameras to take photographs of each other carrying out the rule to go with writing.
    * Birthday cards - children love making them and then recieving them when it's their birthday. My children write in them but just leaving a space to enter the child's name
    * Art work related to our class name (not sure what it is this year however!)
    * Poster type peice - where i draw a bag and a book bag - they then draw what is needed inside (making sure they write their names on all clothing!) - another hint to the parents!!!!
    Along side their picture i also send a note home explaining what is needed and detail any other information - staffing, pe days etc (also a good idea to say something along the lines of, spelling, homework etc will be gradually introduced and i will inform you when this is sent home). If not i have all the parents asking the same questions.
    * I do portraits but print their photo off and cut in half, children then draw missing half for display
    * Drawing postcards showing what they did over the holidays and some writing on the back. (usually have 1 of many postcards my mum has sent me in the past as examples
    * R-time assessment, asks children questions such as what do you enjoy about school etc
    * Hear children read and issue reading book to take home
    Im sure theres more!
  10. louise_h27

    louise_h27 New commenter

    Hi Lunaar,

    I have a step by step PowerPoint I put together about how to draw a mind map if that would help. I can send it to you if you like.

  11. hi -

    Any chance you could also forward me the powerpoint of drawing a mind-map. Just ordered the Tony Buzan Mind Maps for Kids books.


  12. Hey I dont suppose I could get a copy of that power point too?
    Im planning on doing some rule contracts - discuss as a class what our class rules will be and they design their own contracts with the rules on and sign them
    Going to introduce the topic as they are going to design their own topic book covers and this may help with their ideas.
    Id really like to get straight stuck into lessons, but being an NQT Im not sure how much time exactly will be taken up going through rules and routines.
  13. I know this is cheeky, but would you be willing to send me a copy of the mind map ppt too?
    Thank you if you do, much appreciated :)

    (Sorry, can never remember which one it is!)
  14. I love your idea of the three children. Could you send me a template for this? - I would be very grateful.


  15. Sorry, I though I had better clarify the above statement because there are so many ideas on here.
    To enjoyteach
    Your idea of the three children holding hands made from cut out paper which demonstrate friendship - Can I have a template for this please because I think it sounds brilliant. Many thanks
  16. Your mindmap powerpoint sounds really useful - I'd also be v. grateful for a copy if poss.....
    Thank you! lizziebrewin@yahoo.com

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