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First ever lesson of Business Studies for Year 10

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by nprudom, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. I've always been on the look out for a really fantastic idea for the first lesson of Business Studies for Year 10. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Try something with branding and logo's as in guess what business this logo belongs to etc etc. Helps in opening eyes to the different variety of businesses out there which you may then link into Business purposes or ownership. Further you could try something like can you guess the 10 most profitable/ valuable companies in the world (look up forbes) and go from there.

    Important to remember, your first lesson should be enjoyable, light, informative and most importantly make them want to come back! Nothing worse than a boring introduction lesson detailing the course, always think would you enjoy the lesson............

    good luck

  3. hlcoups

    hlcoups New commenter

    Hi are you doing AQA GCSE? I can send you a presentation on the first topic that has several small activities/games in it but also covers some of the content as I think they need to have variety and see subject as important/challenging as well as interesting. hlcoupsataoldotcom Helen
  4. what an excellent idea - i have an actual LOGO game which would be good for this - I am about to start teaching Business Studies in the UAE, and am wondering how I can become familiar with local/national companies to use as an example..any suggestions??

  5. Thanks Helen. I'll send you an email now!
  6. Hi Dan
    Thanks for that. I do have a logo activity that I normally use when I do the marketing unit but that's a really good idea to use it at the beginning! I definately agree something enjoyable, light and informative at the beginning is the way forward!
  7. hlcoups

    hlcoups New commenter

    Hi Nicola

    You have mail - also sent you a copy of a logo quiz I have - might be the one you already have. Best wishes for the new term Helen
  8. Hi
    Could you possibly email a copy of this lesson please? Would be really grateful. Many thanks
  9. alfm786

    alfm786 New commenter

    Hi Helen,
    I am starting a new post in September and will be teaching Business studies to the first year 10 group that will be studying the subject at the School.
    Would it be possible for me to jump on the bandwagon and ask for them too
    Thanks in advance.. much appreciated!! :)
  10. Hi Helen
    Would there be any chance you could email this presentation to me.
    It would be much appreciated
    Aled Elias

  11. Hi Helen,

    I've just been asked to introduce business studies in my school, from year (last minute decision). It will be their first lesson ever in business studies, and the first class that have been offered this option, so I am looking for something really spectacular to start with, and trying to beat the clock for time!

    Would it be possible for you to email this lesson to me - would really appreciate it!

    Many thanks,


  12. RKM


    Hi I would like the lesson if possible please? businesstuition@yahoo.co.uk

  13. hlcoups

    hlcoups New commenter

    Hi RKM

    You have e mail.

    Leah glad to hear first few lessons are going well.


  14. danlee

    danlee New commenter

    We usually cover marketing/branding at the end of Year 10. For a first lesson I would get them to write on a post-it a definition of a business then review some of them. I would then give them loads of different pictures of business and get them to categorise them e.g. local/national, big/small, public/private etc etc. Then do a discussion and use the correct terminology. After that, get them to describe one of the businesses using the correct wording and then other people in the class has to guess which business it is (a little like Guess Who). You can then get them to reflect on their definition and then ask if they would change it at all e.g. they may have put that businesses exist to make a profit - but this isn't always true.

    This would be a much broader introduction to business studies so would be very well suited to a first lesson.

  15. revisionstation

    revisionstation New commenter


    I use this lesson for induction days or as a taster for year 9s considering business as an option - but it works equally well with year 10s.

    First I go to the pound shop / poundland / pound world and by lots of fun items for students to pitch - here is a list of the ideas I used last term on induction day:

    • emergency shelter
    • kids baton (to twirl)
    • Snap on watch
    • pop up food cover
    • cardboard cupcake tier
    • Waist scarf
    I just chose items that looked liked great ideas that had not sold elsewhere!

    First I show the students a great pitch (dragons den - levis roots) then we discuss what makes a great product and a great pitch...

    Then I mix the students into groups using lemon, orange etc (you can use abc etc)

    Then I give them the items from the poundshop - surprise! They have to pitch to the group - how much would they charge, where would they sell them, what does it do? They have to demo the product and then explain what they would do - and everyone has to take part.

    Then they get 5 mins to dicuss and look at the product

    Then they start pitching...

    and the fun begins, they will really enjoy this bit, say at the end who you would invest in and why...

    do they agree (hot discussion) plenary - what did they learn?

    This is a sure fire winner, start on a high note, its a great ice breaker for the group too!

    Sarah Hilton


  16. message for Sarah Hilton at revision station - about a year ago a stumbled upon a website via your website revison station. it was a school website that had almost everything for a business studies teacher - working lunch videos, volumes of business review magazines, even the apprentice theme tune etc etc. However i cannot find it anymore. do you know it? i remember you had put a comment about it on your reveisionstation website say it was brilliant and doqnload quickly before they password the site - obviously i didnt download stuff and now i am kicking myself!! just wondering if you can help out.
  17. Dear Helen,

    Would there be any chance you could email this presentation to me as well?

    It would be much appreciated

    Many Thanks


  18. Love this idea Sarah! Cant believe i have never come across your website before, lots of fab stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Dutch_Elm

    Dutch_Elm New commenter

    I get the studetns to research a famous Entreprenure and we discuss why they are successful.
  20. I know you posted this some time ago but focus on education have just bought out a new bsuiness studies and food tech resource that covers all apsects of business from cow to consumer and relates directly to an industry (ice cream) greta resource and good value, covers more than one subject area

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