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First day

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by kazzmaniandevil, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. kazzmaniandevil

    kazzmaniandevil New commenter

    Had my first day today. Was interesting and mind blowing. Just read through the handbook and didn't really understand any of it!!!!! Here's hoping tommorow brings more answers! Anyone else start today?
  2. I did. Not too much it seemed at first, can tell its all going to come. The handbook is huge and terrifying too!
  3. Hi kazz,
    (Don't know if you remember talking to me on here a long time ago!) but glad to hear your first day went well!
    I don't start til the 18th!
  4. kazzmaniandevil

    kazzmaniandevil New commenter

    How are you all getting on with gaining evidence for the qts standards? We are using an online system which I think is a fab idea.
  5. I started this week as well. We have to use an online system too. I think I have information overload! Are you at Brighton uni by any chance Kazz?
  6. kazzmaniandevil

    kazzmaniandevil New commenter

    No Jess but weirdly I am from that neck of the woods!! I'm at towards brum direction!

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