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First day Relief

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Goldopals, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Goldopals

    Goldopals New commenter

    It was the start of a new school year in Oz and I moved to a new school (from 67 kids to 520). I was scared ****less. My old students took great fun in telling me how feral the new school was, but at the moment I am having an easier time controlling a class of 27 than 12. The kids said they liked me better than the old teacher, which was a nice change as at my old school I took over from a teacher who had taught all the kids parents.
    I like most of the kids. A lot of them are taller than me! I am what I consider average height (5'7") and they tower over me. They complimented my butt length (2 inches from sitting on) hair and talked positively about my school bus bag http://www.modcloth.com/shop/bigbags/play-it-school-shoulder-bag
    The bad points...
    <ol>[*]I forgot to introduce myself to THREE classes![*]There was not enought textbooks for all my year 11s. I had to give them damaged copies. I do not have a textbook for myself, which is not so much of an issue as I use e-copies.[*]There are two streams of Maths classes in one year. One has 30 or so and the other has 8! I did not have enough room in my class so one sat at the end of a row[*]One class (older than 15) was very disproportionate! Half knew nothing about timestables and fractions and the other half knew their timestables, but had only a very basic knowledge of fractions[*]The projector in my room does not work [​IMG][*]When I was writing on my whiteboard, the air conditioner was dripping on me! There was a lot of sniggering from students.[*]The air conditioner leaks, there is a huge wet patch on the carpet and puddles on the shelf</ol>I apologise for the boasting/whingeing post but I need to talk and have not really made friends in this town yet!
  2. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    Glad you had a better first day than you expected. For the last two issues you need to see the caretaker/site supervisor. Other than that don't be too complacent - classes are often 'nicer' at first while they suss you out. Give it a couple of weeks and they'll be pushing the boundaries.

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