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first day back

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tinyears, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. What have you been doing/or going to day on your first day back of the term? [​IMG]
  2. What have you been doing/or going to day on your first day back of the term? [​IMG]
  3. When the children are back in we will be straight into work as usual.
  4. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    We had a training day.
    Tomorrow will be back into the curriculum straight off. There are a few things that need to be finished that we didn't quite get around to in the madness that was the last 2 weeks of term, so we will be starting there.
  5. First day back today and I am EXHAUSTED! I teach year 6 and the children were wired. We went straight into maths and english this morning and then the entry point for our new IPC topic this afternoon! Lots of fun, but Friday seems a long way off right now!
  6. We had a training day, started all enthusiastic,trailed home wanted to slit wrists, such is SMT's 'gift' of inspiration and motivation sucking talent. Don't you just love starting the new term being told how carp you all are, how it all has to get so much better, that if you missed PPA this week due to it being in the first part of the week, tough, lump it, how we're going to use the money given for xyz scheme for something else, so we all have to put in loads more hours after school, how a load of people are going to ahve to loose their jobs and basically its all doom and gloom.
    All fired up for the kids tomorrow then [​IMG]
    Sod em all, gits. Will kick off tomorrow with lots of lovely lessons from bat :)

  7. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    First I'm having a recap lesson about expectations in the classroom/playground/assembly. Then I'm jumping straight in with a Numeracy and then Literacy lesson. We'll end by looking at our Geography topic.
  8. I spent the first lesson doing 'what i did in the holidays' so they had chance to chat to friends first and then write about it. I told them I wanted to know everything! Then straight back into maths after play and we did ICT and circle time this afternoon. No rest for the wicked!
  9. uppereastside

    uppereastside New commenter

    We spend most the week recapping on rules, expectations and routines again and a few num/lit lessons.
  10. We used to have an assembly to start each term or haf term, but this time we are beginning straight away. It was good to settle the children with an assembly first so I am not sure why this has now changed.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    You are kidding?
    Most of the week?
    Like more than half your time?
  12. uppereastside

    uppereastside New commenter

    Yep! most of the week. We have a lot of things we HAVE to do at the beginning of each term i.e tests etc and other things and we are told to do them and not start teaching till the following week. Also the kids need a lot of going over rules/routine and I'd rather they did this again than go straight into lessons and be awful for the rest of the term.
  13. I am hoping we have an assembly tomorrow morning, as it it does start the term nicely with the whole school together. Thankfully our kids seem to enjoy assemblies and our HT's sense of humour.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Blinking heck!!

    I had a fantastic first day back today, the children I work with the most ( I am a TA) had a fantastic attitude and one particular boy seemed like he had returned a different character and produced handwriting far better than he had ever produced before.
  15. uppereastside

    uppereastside New commenter

    I know and I don't just mean rules 'how to behave' but loads of other routines and handwriting things
    etc etc!
    That's good - hopefully he'll continue!
  16. We were supposed to have a training day but the school has been badly flooded so we spent the morning moving furniture out of classrooms. Children won't be back til next week now.
  17. Something engaging where the students can interact and communicate with other students so they can catch up with each other but follow the strongly set routineso they can get back into the school atmosphere.

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