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First day back and my first day

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kp171, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. I am an NQT and I am just wondering what sort of things I should do on my first day with them. They are a year one class and so i am going to give them time to explore the classroom and do circle time activities for getting to know you and fun group activities. What else would be expected for that first day? How soon would you go into numeracy, literacy and the more structured activities.
    I am decorating my classroom at the moment and have a jungle theme so may also do a jungle activity as a first day fun thing but was unsure what else to do.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  2. If you are looking for any resources to help set up your new classroom, have a look at our website. Everything is free. Hope you'll find something you can use!
  3. Expectations, expectations, expectations are the first thing to make them see so you don't have children unsure what to do, where to go, producing work that is nowhere near their best.
    Drum it in early, i.e. no going to get water/ toilet etc in carpet time unless obviously you can see they are desperate to go (the ones that do have a 'look') otherwise once one goes you'll have a stream of children coming and going all session ~ I made a boy and girl toilet pass for during independent working times. If the pass is there you may go to the toilet, if it's not you have to wait until it is there to leave the room. I found last year that this stopped groups congregating in the toilets (especially as we had new ones fitted), for some reason children love the toilets. Found girls before 'making potions for fairies' in the sink [​IMG]
    Make sure as you said they have time to explore the room but also make sure they know what you expect them to do at tidy up time i.e. don't just wander, actually put things where they go. Picture and word labels are brilliant for this because they have zero excuse for not putting things in the right places as they can see if it matches the pictures.
    Embed routines e.g. come into classroom, unpack own book bag with books in the changing box, letters etc to you, bookbags, coats, hats etc in the relevant boxes, pegs etc and sitting on the carpet or whatever your morning routine is.
    Make sure they are lining up without messing around and so on.
    Do class rules together, I have had children draw round their hand before and illustrate 1 rule we have per finger to show they understand them as a follow up to the circle time we had about the rules.
    Make children aware of sanctions/ consequences that will happen if they do not keep to the rules (and be prepared to follow through)
    I do a few assessments during child initiated activity time too, so I got them to write their numbers for me, some simple addition and subtraction facts/ questions. Phonics check of what they know and have remembered from reception, checking they are secure with all phase 3 sounds, as a class practice segmenting and blending activities at Phase 4 ~ online versions of buried treasure etc.
    Check what tricky words they recognise so you know who has gaps, setting up word banks, reading books and the likes, listening to the children read between you and your TA.
    I usually have a piece of independent writing from them too, getting about 8 chn writing at a time, writing above as needed what it says if cannot be worked out. Just gives a baseline overview of their entry reaing, writing and maths skills.
    Apart from that a bit of activities together and enjoy. Our school are coming back on a Thursday so will begin my proper timetable the following Monday.
    Hope is of some help. Is what I did with my Year 1's last year and will be doing again this year.
  4. That is a huge help! Thank you so much.
  5. I'm in exactly the same posistion (Year One teacher and NQT) and I've just read over this and for me it was also a MASSIVE help! Thanks a million!
  6. fruit_bat

    fruit_bat New commenter

    Thank you for this fiestagal. It was really helpful! :)
  7. Thank You! This is a great help as I am preparing to start my NQT year in year 1 :)

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