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First day as an NQT - Total disaster

Discussion in 'Primary' started by forrvw, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. I'm in a very similar
    I'm in a very similar position, though I am half way through 2 days with a Y3 class. They just didn't listen today, and to be honest I took away around 6 minutes of their golden time today. Having read your post I do agree that it may show how 'bad' I am, but the problem is if I hadn't have done it, the kids would have got away with it and would have walked all over me tomorrow. I basically followed through with discipline. Thankfully the TA said they were the same in Y2, which is comforting, but you never know whether they lie through their teeth.

    It's tricky. My plan is to give most of the golden time back tomorrow, but to those children who really are listening (there are a few poor souls who sit there waiting). You have to experiment to see what works. I admit I'm inexperienced and it's hard with a class at the start of the year you don't know, but you have to insist on good behaviour, and if that means taking all their golden time away, then damn well do it! (you don't have to go back to that school anyway).
  2. You'd be surprised at now similar the problems are at all primary ages ,regardless of year groups,and all the suggestions above ring true! I would say that the main thing is to remember that you are in charge 24/7-I can't stress enough how important this is,because when I was an NQT in year 1/2 I still thought that if I said something once,twice , or maybe three times they would have it sunk in...NO! Get an old-fashioned air horn or something that makes a noise,give it a name, like Henry, and make sure that when it goes off they are silent-if not the whole class loses time-and give teampoints or stickers to the first to respond. Remember,it will NEVER get to the point where they will automaticallybe quiet at the sound of your voice! EVER! Good luck, but remember that just about everyone in the job has been there at some point...not sure if that should make any of us feel better!

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