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First dates!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by EraFleur, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Today I had quite a spontaneous first date. I thought it went well he was nice and we had lots to chat about. I'm just really not sure how he felt about me as I feel like there were some mixed signals? We didn't talk about seeing each other again. I've been doing online dating, so far had a few dates so I'm hoping I do meet someone nice.
  2. Well then if he isn't that keen to do an hour trip he's not worth worrying about anyway- get texting! Better to know for sure than think you know! Maybe he's sitting at home now going "hmmm she lives an hour away, she may not be keen, shall I text?" Maybe bite the bullet. If he says no, then it's disappointing and maybe dent the pride a tiny bit but that's all.
    My first serious boyfriend lived a bus, train, second train, tram trip away (about 3 hours when I didn't drive and neither did he). We used to alternate it because we wanted to see each other so much. 8 Years later, we're married, with our own home and of course our perfect daughter. It can work being a while away from each other xx
  3. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    As the above poster said, the distance is always workable if you want it enough. My boyfriend is in the army based in Germany and we've been together nearly a year now, we see each other reasonably often (when he's not on tour!) and we talk on the phone every day!
  4. If he was shy there may still be hope but it is rare a man won't at least say 'hope we can do this again?' before leaving. Still, as others have said, sending the text will ensure he answers and he can hide behind the screen if the answer is negative.
  5. How does sending a text ensure that someone answers?!
  6. Simple - he will either write back or choose to ignore.....either way he has 'answered'. Admittedly, the latter is a nasty way of doing it but silence is an answer too in this situation.
  7. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    Text him - like others have said if distance is an issue, he isnt that keen. My boyfriend and I lived an hour apart too - to see each other meant one of us paying a hefty toll fee too but we met each other four times a week.We live together now - distance does not have to be a problem.
  8. I agree with the others-text him. When I met my boyfriend, he slipped a note under my bedroom door with his phone number on and I texted him asking if he wanted the 2 of us to do something the next week-we haven't looked back since. We are also long distance-I live in the South East and he lives in the North East and neither of us drive so it's either 2 hours by train or 5 and a half hours by coach (I prefer the coach option because I love long journeys-yes I'm odd!)
  9. Don't spend too long worrying about whether he likes you enough or not, it's a common trait of females.
    Send him the text and like others have said, you will get your reply in one form or another. If he's not interested, I can guarantee you wont give it a second thought after a day, especially if you're internet dating - plenty more fish in the sea! In my experience, there's nothing like finding out that someone's not interested to make you not fancy them anymore. Although having said that, I know some very persistent friends who have not taken no for an answer and ended up marrying blokes who all but told them to *** off initially! So don't listen too much to me.
  10. An update... I've been so busy today that I didn't get chance to think about sending a text. He hasn't been in touch either so there is my answer! Onwards and upwards I guess [​IMG]
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    So you were too busy to send a text but the fact that he hasn't couldn't possibly be for the same reason?
    Jeeze, I'm glad I'm too old to play guessing games like this. sending a text takes seconds.
  12. I've been out with friends so I just left my phone in my bag. Perhaps he has the same reason too but having thought about it I'm not that bothered!
  13. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Send a text? ***! why not call him instead and you'll get a clear answer and the probability you could take this further if you both want to.
    Texts tell people nothing of any value, and the response is always ambiguous. Talk to him. You'd have to do it sooner or later. Chances are he's as reluctant as you are to make the next step.
    I've been there. It wasn't until we had youtube and I was able to study in detail how the Fonz was able to snap his fingers and work magic with women that I was able to turn my life round for the better.
    Before this, we talked.

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