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First Birthday Party

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by lucchese, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    Hi MrsFab
    We are planning to do the same. I was thinking of about 3pm as LO naps morning and afternoon and is usually up by then. I am inviting 4 baby friends and their parents and my MIL will be there too. Our house is only small and we don't have any other free options (wouldn't want a big party anyway, just want to keep it intimate). I want to have some food the babies can munch on, probably just snacks like carrot sticks etc and then a cake. Not sure whether to do two, one for adults and one that babies can eat. I will probably do a number one or a car for the posh cake (if I can get my act together, less than a month left.) I also found a website with interesting ideas for first birthday parties such as having a photo with a wide border for people to write messages on during the party. I am not at home at the moment, but when I get back next week I will send you the link.
    Would be interested to hear what other people have done/are planning to do.
    Lucchese xxx
  2. Thanks for the great ideas! A summer birthday party outside would have been soooo much easier... Will have to bear that in mind with my next. [​IMG]
    Lucchese... Are you making your own cake?
  3. Just thought I'd join in! I was wondering about making a cake. My friend does it and sells them (and did our wedding cake). On one hand, I feel I should do it. On the other, I know it will be much better if she does!!
    Think we'll have 4/5 babies, but they are very little babies or 2ish really, so probably skip the games, and just get toys out.
  4. We're having a party and then a tea party for family on her actual birthday otherwise there would have been too many people. Think there are a few babies coming but not sure as not all have replied, like the idea of some nursery rhymes playing so might see if I can get some action song CDs or raid my box at school as I'm sure I've accumulated a few suitable ones whilst teaching KS1! i really want to make a cake too, an Upsy Daisy, any ideas?! LOL i don't make things easy for myself! very very excited though :)
  5. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I made a Very Hungry Caterpillar cake for my son's 1st birthday in June! It was actually ok, and most things I bake end up looking like something a 5 year old has made, so I was impressed!
    We had his party at my MIL's house (we live in a flat) and we'd planned to have a BBQ but it rained a bit and was cold...typical! It was mainly family and a few of my friends with kids.
    One of my friends had a lovely party for her son in Sept when it was actually nice weather. She had loads of toys in the garden for the kids, and had made lots of little snacks for the adults and kids.
  6. That's what we have decided to do! P.S. Sorry for the hijack but Chica- got my BFP this morning! Saw a woman with an iCandy pear in town and probably stared a bit too much, lol! :)
  7. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Yay!!! [​IMG] So pleased for you! Did i see you'd got a BFN the other day? I was going to say to you then actually that when I first tested with this one (2 days after missed period) it was negative, and then obviously positive a week later.
    I stare at double prams to check them out! I probably look like a weirdo!
    Whal will your due date be? Oct sometime I guess?

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