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First Aid Training

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Becki001, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Due to financial cuts I have been dropped from the First Aid refresher course. As a teacher in a small special school I feel that the students in my care are my full responsibility including in emergency situations. Many support staff are also first aid trained, however i feel this is a huge responsibility for them especially in severe emergency situation (which can be quite frequent in my classroom). We usually have a nurse on site but this is not always the case.
    Is this usual that it is rare that teachers are not encouraged to maintain their first aid training?
    many thanks
  2. Oh dear, that's far too much responsibility for a teaching assistant. They couldn't possible deal with a sever emergency situation, given the size of their tiny pea brains. Seriously though, I'm a fully trained first aider for a very good reason... if there is an emergency, I can be removed from a classroom and can deal with any situation, in any location with minimal disruption. Teachers cannot be used as flexibly, and so are obviously less suited to be a named first aider.
  3. All first aiders are support staff in my school. Can teachers really be expected to leave the rest of their class unsupervised while they go and clean up little Johnny's grazed knee? Support staff usually have the ability to walk away from their job for a while to go and patch up those needing first aid.
    Anyway, why do you assume that it is more of a responsibility for support staff than yourself? Your comment here is a bit condescending, I feel.
  4. I was writing my post while you were '88 so hadn't read it before I posted, but I think our sentiments are similar!
  5. None of our teachers are first aid trained at all.
  6. Love the previous comments!!!
    I am first aid trained as are most of the TA'S at my school. I think that as a parent,trained teaching assistant, adult and level headed woman I would be able to manage any injury at school.....I don't think a teaching qualification would fare me any better!...do nurses have QTS?!

    At the end of the day, a child is hurt, you manage that....it's natural!

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