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First afternoon of supply tomorrow! Advice needed! :-)

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by aspire_teach, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hurrah! I have an afternoon's teaching tomorrow and going back to the same school on Friday for a full day! I am SO excited as it is the first bit of work I have had all term. It's also my first ever time on supply and I'm an NQT who is a bit nervous too! Any tips from any old hands out there? As it's not "my" class, I want to make a great first impression. There will be plans for me to follow, but I wondered if it was worth having a ten minute session of getting to know each other first after the lunchtime chaos has died down? I think it may be worth putting in the extra effort at the start with them - is it a risk not getting stuck straight into the planning? Please help - I haven't been up in front of a class by myself in so long!
  2. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Primary or Secondary?
  3. D'oh! Missing out the obvious!! Primary, Year 3! :)
  4. Maybe take a book in for the end of the day?
  5. Check out the school's resources, ask questions and leave with ideas - get what you can from the school - leave the school some resources if you have any to offer -NETWORK
  6. Y3 at this time of year are sometime adjusting in the afternoon to loosing their afternoon play, some schools keep it, depends on the school. It may be worth taking a brain break activity for mid session as you could end up with an afternoon of 'topic', or I was left science last week involving half an hour out collecting leaves, it was raining, had to rework plan that used leaves and when the sun came out later we went out for some singing games in the yard. Kids loved it and I challenged them to teach the songs to their friends in the other class. Other afternoon slots can be full session of either history, geography, dt, art, so check out planning and maybe spend ten mins at the start like you suggested.

    Leave them a challenge and tell them you are in school Friday and will check in on it.

    Maybe grab Fridays absent teacher to take away planning or chat to in general.

    It will fly by. Enjoy.
  7. I don't ever do a getting to know you session. I just tell them my name, set out the ground rules and get on with the lesson. It works well. You quickly learn the names of the troublesome ones.
  8. Thanks everyone. I had a great time and looking forward to going back on Friday! :)

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