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Fire Drill Hell!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by minnieminx, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Four minutes does sound rather a long time. We are a large 2 form entry school and yet can do all that in about 2-3, depends which class are in PE/ICT, some are quicker than others.

    We drop everything, line up and leave the building. We are out on the field in under a minute, lined up in paired classes and registered a minute or two of mins later.
  2. 5 form entry...600 kids.
    I think we're usually out in under 3 minutes...
  3. karentee

    karentee New commenter

    We have the same issue, when our KS2 classes have doors which access directly to the fire assembly points but our KS1 classes require walking along a narrow path and around the school building, usually with a couple of 'cryers' because of the noise! Complained and said it was unrealistic to expect the youngest children to walk so far and past a bulding that could potentially be on fire, still no better solutions, no one seems to be able to provide a logical and quick solution, it's very frustrating when you are moaned at for taking too long when you may well be out of the building inrecord speed but then on a hike to meet the rest of the shcool
  4. I agree it sounds wrong. Does everyone need to assemble in the same area? Was wondering if KS2 and KS1 could have two different assembly points to stop some having to walk past the building.
    One school I was at made the kids line up facing away from the school so if it was on fire they wouldn't see it (guess they forgot that the kids would be able to smell it and naturally turn round anyway!)

  5. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    We have two different assembly points for KS1 and KS2. All buildings are single storey and all classrooms have fire exits.
  6. We do it in just over a minute and that includes the pre-school.

  7. Line up?
    We don't waste time with that. All pupils down tools and walk straight out on the route we have to take. In the first week of term (and occasionally after) we practice doing it without a drill, as separate classes. Last out of the room is me and I bring the register with me. It takes our school of 200 2 mins to evacuate and line up at the other end of the yard.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    We had a false alarm during lunch. Now that was interesting - staff out, children in a crowded dining hall. Did it - but certainly learnt from it.
  9. Last H&S timing was 54 seconds to exit the building for single form entry plus nursery - no lining up - just stand up and walk to nearest exit in silence. Reigsters take longer because office staff have to bring them round. I think there's a H&S rule that your route to the assembly point shouldn't take you alongside the building in case it is on fire. We had this issue when our playground was extended with a MUGA and someone suggested the older kids line up there but the entrance to it was 2m from the corner of the building. Apparently assembly points have to be something like 3 times the height of the building in case of collapse. Interestingly does anyone else have a bomb scare assembly point?
  10. I stand at the door and do a head count as they walk past.
  11. Anyone have to check the toilets?
  12. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Ours takes about 2 minutes, 2-form entry primary school. The annoying thing is, we have to meet in the same playground, so pretty much all classes except FS1&2 are using the same doors. If there really was a fire, my lot would be in a tight situation as we're at the end of the corridor so there are easily 7 to 9 other classes going down the two flights of stairs as well as us. I really wish there was an easier, safer way.
    I just have my fingers crossed that no fires will ever break out!
  13. It takes my class less than a minute to get out of the building because our classroom is opposite a fire escape. Unfortunately, because of the design of the building we then have to walk around the school, through a car park and back into the playground to get to the line up point. Generally by the time my class gets to our alloted space the drill in over and we have to start walking back in . . ! At least we are out of the building quickly!

  14. We had one that was an issue when the kitchen staff managed to set off the fire alarms at 8.50 (so just as kids were coming into school before registers had been taken).

    ...they were cooking the chips for lunch... ewwww.
  15. Facing away from the school is good practice - what if there should be an explosion and glass coming flying out into their faces, their eyes?
  16. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Errrrr the children are soooooo far away from the building they haven't a hope of being hit by anything!

    We had a small fire and therefore fire alarm at 8.15 a few months ago. Most staff simply ignored it. We all got a bit of a lecture from H&S officer and HT about that one!
  17. We had a fire drill during lunchtime once. Because the children were so used to stopping, lining up in class then walking into the playground, some of the children that had been outside, tried to come inside to line up in their class! We've practiced a few more fire drills at break times since!
  18. 3 storey Victorian school, 4 stair cases, 2 stopped at first floor. 700 children Y1-6.
    Our head use to block exits to test us our ablility to change our escape route. We were all out within our time limit which was less than 2 minutes.
    Then one day someone came in and set fire to the school at lunchtime which took out one staircase due to smoke, those staircases acted as chimneys!
    Very fortuately the children were in the playground or the dinning room which was a separate building.


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