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Finished Studies, Gapyear, teaching abroad

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Pete-repet, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I have just finished my studies and I plan to go travelling for 4-5 months in September. I have some time to prepare for my travelling and I thought of taking a TEFL course.

    I don't want to go for the ever-so-popular companies, I fell like they are mainly cowboys. Do you know of any smaller companies that offer good services for these kind of courses ?

    I don't mind paying a lot if it is a good course.



    IAMBOG New commenter

    Search Google for Dave's Café and ask again.
  3. davidbowiefan

    davidbowiefan Established commenter

    As above. This isn't a TEFL forum.

    I have written a few times on this forum about the CELTA but it takes a month, is quite hard work and costs around £1000. Use the search facility for more information.

    For what you want to do, some gap year companies will give you training before they send you on a volunteer 'teaching' project. EF will throw in training before they send you to China. But nobody will give you a job if you only intend to stay for 4-5 months.
  4. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Some sensible advice from davidbowiefan, but probably not waht the OP was hoping for. Yes, the CELTA would be advisable.
  5. davidbowiefan

    davidbowiefan Established commenter

    I'm a little bit confused by this thread now. The OP started a similar thread on the TES Jobseekers forum where he states that he doesn't have much money. Here he says he doesn't mind paying a lot for a good course. If he wants a good TEFL course, the only one that is recognised is the CELTA. But it will only be worthwhile to spend £1000 if he's going to use what he learns for longer than 4-5 months.
  6. Yeah, I saw that most companies charged that price. Thanks
  7. Well Teaching overseas sounded suitable for my post

    I posted on two different forums because I posted on the wrong one by accident, and money isn't an issue for the course I don't mind paying a fare amount if it is going to enable me to work abroad. I want to work abroad to earn money to be able to travel, it's like a cycle.
  8. I was looking into doing a CELTA course with a company called Cactus; They seem reputable
  9. davidbowiefan

    davidbowiefan Established commenter

    And that is exactly why the only employer who will touch you is a disreputable one.

    It might suit you to work for only 4-5 months and then move on but it won't suit a language school. Your choices are to go for a full academic year, in which case you'll need to do a CELTA, go for a shorter period and gamble on picking up work when you arrive, lie in an interview about how long you will stay, or save all the money you need before you go. If it were me, I would go for either the first one or the last.
  10. That's interesting because a lot of Gap year website promote Teaching abroad whilst travelling ! I'll take your advice into consideration thanks
  11. davidbowiefan

    davidbowiefan Established commenter

    Volunteer teaching on a gap year project is a different kettle of fish from working for an employer. A language school won't want to employ you for only a few months.

    As I've said on the other forum, they are reputable as far as I know. CELTA courses are regulated by Cambridge and all providers have to meet their standards.

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