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finger food ideas

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by starcommand, May 19, 2011.

  1. I'm looking for some ideas of food LO can feed herself with. What kinds of things do you give your LO? So far my ideas are:
    sticks of fruit and veg


  2. I do try and think of so much variety for little one, rather than the same old stuff I eat. I do think I overthink her diet - I try and cram in so many flavours and textures, how much is really needed?
  3. Thanks for the brilliant ideas, my LO has just decided that all the purees I have lovingly prepared are no good and will now only feed herself!
    Moomoon, when you roast veg, do you have to heat it up for LO the next day? I know I heat up purees til they are v hot then let them cool as they've been frozen, but I'm guessing that if I whack some veg in the oven with our tea, I can just give LO the wedges or whatever cold the next day?
  4. I feel a bit like this as well! I think if you look at meals over the space of a week or two then you see that there is such a variety, but when anyone is learning new things they need to practice and have loads of repetition to refine skills so a bit of samey stuff is OK too. Strawberries have been a recurring theme in our house this week as they take a bit of manipulation!
  5. I'm not sure if it is right, but we have fed cold stuff from the day before, like roasted veg. She loves it.
    I think roasted veg would be ok the next day cold or heated up. I think if is it fine for me, it should be ok for her! Germs tend to grow better in more liquidy food I think?!
    We have not had any problems so far- even though she eats anything she can find on the floor!
  6. I think as long as food is put in the fridge as soon as it's cold, and then kept cold, it should be fine!
  7. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    My LO won't eat cold leftovers, so I warm everything up. As long as it's the next day and you heat it up properly (especially meat and fish) then it's absolutely fine.
  8. Sandwiches! I don't know why I didn't think of this before but I gave my LO tuna sandwiches for her tea and she loved them, nothing has disappeared that fast yet.
    Cream cheese ones also went down well as did eggy bread.
    Also tried dried apricots which she loved.
    Now I'm getting into it I can see that the possibilities for finger food are endless and it's so much easier than making purees!
  9. Which of these are suitable for 6 months? Do they choke on finger foods?
  10. No- they don't generally choke. A baby has a gag reflex quite far forward which helps protect them from choking- if you are giving purees or finger foods it may well lead to gagging. This is a protective function and protects them from choking.... it is horrible to watch though, but after a period of gagging the food pops back up. Parent feels weak at the knees, baby carries on as normal.

    Most finger foods are suitable from 6 months- baby should be able to sit with little support- so in a high chair will be able to lean forward with no problems.

    Start with something easy to gum - cooked carrot, brocolli-, until you build your confidence up! It is scary at first but pretty soon you will understand how your baby works with food. I found toast quite good as a starting point. I also made scotch pancakes which worked well- very soft and disintegrate in the mouth so made me feel it wasn't a choking hazard! Bitesize shreddes wheat are good for snacks.
    She eats all sorts of things with her hands- chilli, dips, stir fry, beans on toast- anything we eat really.

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