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Fine Art/Illustration/Art & Design Teaching PGCE help?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by andytay, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Hello, Well I studied Illustration in Blackpool university and gain a ba(hons), Now im studying a PGDE at Bolton University so I can become a teacher to teach in the arts sector... You can do a PGDE OR PGCE at any college/ university. All you have find work placment, usualy the college/ university will get the work placement. My advaice first of all would be get on a PGDE course first of all and it all come together. One step at a time is the key.
    Hope that help
  2. Leeds trinity have just opened a new course in art and design!! Also Manchester met do one. Closest ones I think. I'm applying this year for Leeds x
  3. last year half the places allocated for PGCE art and design were cut, this year a quarter were cut, so universities have dropped the course due to only having 2, 3 4 places. many great courses have been lost due to a lack of creative thinking by the government
  4. I did a PGCE in Art and Design at Northumbria university in Newcastle and it covered all aspects of Art and design, video, animation, fine art, sculpture etc. Its a fantastic course with one of the highest OFSTED reports. The course has been cut, when I did it nearlly three years ago there were 18 of us and next years cohort is going to be 8 I think. My friend did a PGCE in Art and Design at Liverpool and I know there are a few universitys in London that do them.
  5. Goldsmiths in London is the best there is in my opinion and on your doorstep the world's greatest museums and galleries. Goldsmiths also has links with Tate Modern's education department for gallery based teaching experience. Final point is that you're likely to experience one or maybe two quite tuff placements that should set you up well for teaching anywhere. All of this assumes you could relocate for a year, it would be one hell of a commute!
  6. If you don't mind travelling too far away Northbrook college in Sussex offer a good PGCE. You also have the option there of doing either the ProfGCE or PostGCE, the latter being a slightly stronger qualification as it consists of some modules being undertaken at Masters level. Paul the course leader is fantastic, as are the other tutors and mentors across departments. Obviously experience of PGCE courses is going to be limited for most people, however I am extremely happy with my experiences at Northbrook.

    Hope this helps.

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