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Finding teaching experience in a pandemic??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by DanielleJR77, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. DanielleJR77

    DanielleJR77 New commenter

    I'm planning on going into primary school teaching and hoping to get some primary school work experience in the next year or so to support my application. I am currently furloughed until the end of August so this is the most ideal time for me to do some volunteering in schools... but I can guess that I am unlikely to find any given the current stresses schools are under.
    Are there any places in the North East that operate during the summer, or any places which are more likely to be open to volunteering? Even some remote experience would be beneficial. I'm not at all picky with the tasks I would be doing, just struggling to understand where best to go for advice and experience in the current climate.
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  2. lau_bellagamba

    lau_bellagamba New commenter

    Hi Danielle :)

    I cannot answer your question, but I am interested in your topic and the questions you asked. I am also looking for some more experience.

    Don't know if it can help, but I have asked for some advice on teaching agencies in this forum, in other posts, had a look at teaching agencies posts, and I am also looking into online teaching (with China, Korea, etc).

    Hope this helps!


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