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Finding it really difficult

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Gemma_MJones_11, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. I am an NQT doing long term sickness cover (working with a supply agency) and was really hoping to finish my NQT year at the current school (I have done 1 and a half terms so far). I am finding the workload really difficult. Is anyone else in the same situation?

    I arrive at school no later than 7.15AM and then leave when the caretaker kicks me out at 6PM. I then continue to work at home until at least 10.....sometimes later, yet I still seem unable to keep on top of the workload. I feel I am doing the complete minimum but spend all day doing it! My weekends are non-existent. The only thing that has kept me going is the worry of how difficult it might be to get a job again in order to complete my NQT year. I feel my enthusiasm and actual teaching is not as good as it could be as I am always tired.

    The HT has put a lot of pressure on our 'failing phase group' (year 3/4). New interventions keep being put into place which is increasing our workload even more. Our numeracy/literacy books get scrutinised on a weekly basis which makes me afraid about anything I put in the books- marking etc...., sticking sheets in must be done by the teacher etc... It is just a huge struggle and I am ready to quit! I have got satisfactory in recent observations. All this effort is not paying off at all! Oh and my NQT time has been taken off me until further notice as apparently the HT needs to find more cover........ I don't have a contract anyway (working through supply agency) and am losing my enthusiasm and motivation for teaching altogether! The workplace is really not a very supportive place either. Colleagues and even an assistant head joked about another teacher who they all say was a c*** teacher (who is off for stress -no wonder!). I would hate to know what they all say about me behind my back!


    Does anyone feel like this?
  2. If you are overworking then you need to know where your time is going - a good thing to do is audit how long things take you - with my NQTsI often found that when they say lesson planning takes 'hours' it was searcbhing the internet that took hours looking for stuff, rather than the actual planning. Pupils should be sticking in sheets not you - don't spoon feed the pupils too much it will not be good for them in the long run.
    NQT time for you is protected by law, they cannot remove it regardless of what the HT needs - he/she will have to find another way of covering. It does not matter who you are employed by - the school, the LA or a supply agency, your legal entitlement to time and support exists, thios needs to be pointed out politely by either you or your agency.
    The Sage

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