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finding a primary school for your children - what was important to you?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Neeha, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. We visited 3

    One took us to classroom doors and let us look in

    One told me all about their superb results and ignored my child

    One took us into classrooms, where teachers made us welcome, and my child was allowed to explore

    Each school would have been chosen by different people ... I will leave you to work out which we chose
  2. Yes! I have a son and a daughter too (although both bright - but god, the male species is...challenging).
  3. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    One of my local primary schools is in SM - it's a fabulous school, does brilliant work with the children, they make good progress ... but according to the data, they don't make enough. Vast majority of pupils are EAL, and it's a very poor area - development of language is inhibited by lack of socialisation. I'd be happy to send my children there, regardless of the Ofsted judgement, if I still had any that age.
  4. And for those reasons will be low inthe league tables.

    I don't have kids but we moved a bit as a kid so primary school
    school 1 - faith school in the next town, I had to go and come back by bus. All the local kids went to the local school and had different holidays so didn't spend much time playing withthem
    school 2 - village school, not faith school, ont he edge of a village with fieldsto play in. I could and did walk to school with friends
    school 3 - taken by car, faith school, some of the neighbours went to the same school so knew them at school and home.
    If I had a child I would never send them to a faith school and not a school a distance away. Travelling is tiring, and for a small child 15 - 20 mins is a long time. In the winter it can be longer in winter, it's like a child spending another hour at school.

  5. My only advice- and I know this will seem bizarre- is to look at the secondary school you would like them to go to. Then get them into the primary that will make that choice possible.
    At the moment, you are only concerned with the first school but the years speed by and, if a short journey now, in which you can chatter away, means the best school later...do it!
  6. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    In our area it makes no difference which primary school you went to when places for secondaries are allocated. It's done on catchment areas and other factors such as siblings at the school. So check out how it works in your area as your choice of primary may have no bearing on secondary places.
    I've always believeed you should send your child to the local school unless there's a huge reason not to do. If more people did that think of the reduction in unnecessary journeys and the increase in local parents supporting their local school.
  7. sassh - when i was a kid i also had a 20 minute bus ride each way to the faith school i attended. we grumbled much at the bus stop in bad weather, but didn't mind otherwise - but we're a high-energy family
    we lived in the posh end of town and our bus drove us past 2 'better' primary schools to the methodist school in the back-to-backs area.
    how different from 'oh gosh, i'm pregnant, better start going to church to get into the pretty faith school away from the oiks' of today [​IMG]
    it was a jolly nice school, mind

  8. As of the age of six, I walked to school on my own, over 30 minutes each way, in sun, rain, hail or snow, in daylight and in darkness!
    On the days my son cannot be picked up (as my ex does do a school run), he has a 45 minute tram ride plus 15 mins on foot. He survives!
  9. I can't tell you how much appreciate all your posts - thanks so much! You've given me a lot to think about and made me feel a great deal better about sending my daughter to the village or local school. I was getting so het up about how we'd afford to move or go private and I now I feel like I can relax a bit. Thanks again
  10. On the upside, they get to accept walking as a viable means of transport,
  11. Can't you give us a clue?

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