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Finding a permanent post from supply

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by alexanderosman, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. alexanderosman

    alexanderosman Occasional commenter

    I'm starting day to day supply after the holidays, but really hoping that it may lead to a permanent post or at least a long term contract. Reading posts on here about agencies charging finder's fee etc. and a bit confused.
    If a school I am supplying in have a long term contract/maternity cover - will they really continue paying me on daily supply rate? Is there any circumstance in which they would put me on a contract?
    If a school I am supplying in have a permanent position and offer it to me/ask me to apply - does the finder's fee thing still apply?
    What about if I apply to maternity cover/permanent posts whilst doing supply? I'm assuming in this case that there is no finder's fee for the agency? What if I apply off my own back to a post in a school I have done supply in?
  2. I started doing daily supply work in September and have just been offered one whole term in one of my schools. I've been told that I'll still be paid as a supply because apparently it's cheaper to pay me that then pay the finders fee to the agency. If a school decides they want you to take on a permanent position, then they'll pay the finders fee and start paying you on the teacher's main pay scale.

    If you apply for posts outside your agency and get the job, then you can just tell the agency that you no longer require work and that's that. I would be careful not to tell your agency about where the post is/schools as some are very cheeky and will perhaps try and get themselves involved with the school. (I've heard it happening!)

    As for applying for a post within a school that you've done supply for, I don't think they'll have to pay a finder's fee. However, I would be very careful not to mention said school to agency, because if you've already worked their through the agency, they might kick up a fuss and demand a finders fee, which would then put the school off hiring you.

    At the end of the day, although I love my agency and have no qualms about the opportunities that they have given me, I do recognise that they are trying to make money whenever they can. So if an opportunity arrives where they might be able to make a few thousand on a finder's fee, they'll do all they can to get it.
  3. A few thousand!! My mum, an ex head teacher, reckons a finders fee is usually a few hundred. Maybe for a terms work the agency fee is still cheaper than LEA paying you to scale on a contract and taking a chance when it comes to things like sick pay etc as if you are off I'll one week it would cost them twice!
  4. I have heard them ask for 10% of the annual salary. Apply for the job through the usual channels, especially if it has been advertised and there is *** all the agency can do about it. You found out about the job from the advert so the agency can go whistle!
  5. My finders fee for 1 year was £4k. A perm teacher was £7k. My first job was through an agency in 2001 and they paid £2k. A finders fee is not a few hundred. Supply pre-booked is c.£30 per day so a few hundred gets you a supply teacher for about three weeks.
  6. £4k is not 10% of my salary and I am on a daily contract as the school won't pay....
  7. I have been working supply since qualifying in 2011 and recently covered a term supply. The school I was at had a job advertised and I applied. It was only after I didn't get anywhere I asked for feedback and sure enough, they would be charged 2K finders fee (even though I applied through county website) so wouldn't even consider me. Having spoke to my agency, apparently they will charge a finders fee for any school I apply to where I have worked supply in during a time period of 6 months, which rules out every school in my area! This is even though I do not go through the agency to apply for them. The only way to get out of it is to either not work for them for a 6 month period and apply or speak to the school you want to apply to and explain what the agency have said. I have found if you are up front with the school they will be honest as to whether they will a) consider you and b) negotiate on your behalf if they use the agency and want to you on their staff. I wish I knew this stuff before signing up to my agencies as out of the 3 I work for, only 1 does not charge any fees. Hope this helps and good luck!

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