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Finding a part-time job (no luck!)

Discussion in 'Part-time and job share' started by melba, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. melba

    melba New commenter

    I'm finding that there are not many PT roles out there! This was the case last year too, I really don't want to go back FT to have to request for PT (which could also be declined). A friend went for a FT role then on offer haggled for PT fortunately it was given but they almost said no!

    Anyone else in a similar position?
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  2. annascience2012

    annascience2012 New commenter

    I finally got offered a part time job this year, starting september. (A bit nervous but excited!). For me, I wanted 0.6-0.8 but nothing was coming up in the ads except FT. The way I did it was phone up each school that was advertising FT, tell them a bit about myself and ask them if they would be willing to interview me for 0.6/0.8. I did this with three schools, all independent, and two said yes and one said no. One of the ones who said yes said it would be 0.8 spread out over 5 days, with some Saturday school (not right for what I needed at all) so I said thanks but no, and the other interviewed me. And I got the job thank goodness, 0.8, four days.
    Don't be put off by schools only advertising for FT, I think lots of the time 0.8 would fit their needs just as well but they advertise FT to get more interest. Good luck!
    (PS this is in secondary - Not sure if my logic is true for primary).
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  3. melba

    melba New commenter

    Thank you, I think I may start dropping some emails!:)
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  4. Ohwell

    Ohwell New commenter

    This is what I did too. It was almost more unusual for them to say no to part time. Does depend on what you teach. I am secondary and non core subject. I do 0.8 now. One full day off. Noticed more part time positions this year.
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  5. SteffenCarter

    SteffenCarter New commenter

    If you are searching part time job in Singapore then you can apply on online portals through which you will find the job according to your interest.
  6. joyanadia38

    joyanadia38 New commenter

    Here are several options in Malta. Some are remote and this is the best solution considering the demand on webinars and remote education. See here.

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