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finder fee

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by langteacher, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I just asked my new student to show me the communication from the website.
    I won't mention it but it is the one that asks you to forward money from the tutee, instead of just asking them for it all in the first place.
    I had it in the past where people have not known they have to pay extra money in the first lesson. So now, I make it clear in the communication before agreeing to start that, in the first lesson, there is a fee to pay that I have to forward on.
    I only had a quick look at what she had but I couldn't see it anywhere.
    I think this is a bit underhand on the part of the website, she said something flashed on the screen. I don't really get that much work off them so I can never remember how much exactly it is. I assume they split it into two so it appears cheaper to the tutee as they only seem to see the first bit. I also suspect there will be a number of tutors who just pay this themselves instead of asking for it. I just worked it out and the "small fee" (their words) is almost 60% of my hourly rate, that is on top of the £20 or whatever that she had already paid.
  2. BG54

    BG54 Occasional commenter

    My last tutee from that site was around 2 years ago, it's just as well I'm not dependent on them for work! The fee I had to collect from the tutee was £10.90 but as I recall she was aware that a payment had to be made.
  3. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    Yes, while I've had several from this site it is the least productive. Frankly, if the student is expected to pay anyway then what the site is doing is basically DISHONEST. They are either conning the student by giving them the impression that they are cheaper than other sites, or conning the tutor, who isn't meant to pay them a commission. Mind you, in this day and age, instead of feeling ashamed many people think it's clever to be dishonest: like food manufacturers reducing the weight instead of putting the price up.
  4. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I haven't had any for ages but had two in the last few months

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