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Financial worries during PGCE

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by choca_holic, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Remember your £9,500 is tax free. Someone on minimum wage would pay tax on the majority of their income so you would be financially better off on the PGCE than if you had a min wage job for the year.
    Unfortunately I've heard it's very hard proving you have been financially independent for 3 years, even if you have. I totally agree that any postgraduate should be assessed as an adult in their own right. Why should it be assumed that a parent is still paying for their 24 year old to live and eat etc?
    I think you will manage fine on £9,500 as long as you're careful with money. The course is only about 9-10 months anyway, so you can get a job through the summer before you hopefully start teaching in Sept 2013. With most people getting no bursaries this year you probably won't get much sympathy on this forum with everyone struggling at the mo!
    Good luck!
  2. Hi can I ask where you got the £5000 bursary figure from, I'm doing a PGCE in music now and I was not entitled to any bursary? I have a 2 year old and we are struggling by on less than the figure you quoted, with having my little boy in nursery (we don't have family near by to have him) it is a struggle but as previous people have said it's doable, quite a few people on my course tach privately just for a couple of hours a week, but it's a little extra money in your pocket!
  3. Hi sorry just realised your talking about training in England, I'm training in Wales and the bursaries are different over here.
  4. barneystinson

    barneystinson New commenter

    I did a PGCE in Applied ICT, and this is what I got roughly:
    £9,000 Bursary
    £3,500 Maintenance Grant
    £6,700 Student Loan
    £2,000 University Grant
    Plus I got a Tuition Fee loan to cover the tuition fees.
    So overall I managed to get around £21k in total which was brilliant!
  5. I started a PGCE this september. I get about £9000 and am struggling with rent, bills, food and travel costs. I have absolutely no spare time for a part time job, and my boyfriend has been made redundant so I am trying to suuprt both of us on this.
    Also, I agree about how income assessed loans are tested on your parents salary - who is lucky enough to be paid for by their parents at our age?!
    It is do-able but with difficulty - be prepared to stop going out completely and forgo things like buying nice xmas pressies, having your hair cut etc!
    Good luck!
  6. I'm still at Uni, and although I have a part time job I only earn about £160 a month from that. The loan I receive is only just over the minimum amount and I do fine through budgeting etc. £9500 is a lot of money if you can break down your outgoings and ensure that you aren't spending money unnecessarily. It can be done!
  7. Hi,
    I'm currently in the middle of my Music PGCE and we don't get any bursary this year at all - just be glad you're getting something! We think its particularly unfair that the government scrapped it for this year but are reintroducing it next year. Getting by on the money is certainly doable (although I am also working part-time too), but you just have to hope that you get a placement close to where you're living otherwise you'll spend all your money on transport.
    You could take on some instrumental teaching to help support you? - reasonably flexible and good hourly rate.
    Good luck with your PGCE!

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