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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Mackem85, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Mackem85

    Mackem85 New commenter

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I will be starting a SCITT in September and have been looking at the finance calculator. I live away from the parental home, however I flatshare with a friend. Will the income that is calculated be solely my own or my flatmates as well? I am unsure as to how this will work.
  2. I take it your looking to be considered an independant student?
    If you wish to be considered as independant then you must be over 25 at the start of the course or prove that you have independant from your parents for at least 3 years.
    They will not take your flatmates income into account - you are dependent on your flatmate I assume. As in, your flatmate will not be supporting you through the course.

  3. * you are NOT dependent on your flatmate that should read.

    I'm starting PGCE in September. I live in a flatshare but they only take into account your parents income (or that of a partner) if you are dependent on them.
    I am an idependent student (over 25 and have been supporting myself for 5 years) so when it comes to the income assessed part where they ask what my income for the year will be, all I will be putting is a big fat zero! eek!

  4. As stated, it depends on whether you are dependent or independent student. If independent, only your own estimated unearned taxable income during the course will count, such as bank interest, investment etc. Your flatmate's income is disregarded unless he/she is also your partner - in a relationship akin to marriage or civil partnership.
    If dependent, you will be assessed on your parents' income for 2009-10, unless it's substantially more than 2010-11, in which case you can apply to be assessed on their current income.
  5. Mackem85

    Mackem85 New commenter

    That's good to know that my flatmates income won't be taken into consideration. I will probably be moving out and into my own place prior to the course so that I have the complete ability to be stressed on my own without worrying about how I am affecting other people [​IMG]

    I am 25 but only moved out of the parental home last year (spent a year back at home after being away at uni for 3 years, not a good idea to move back!)

    Will this mean that the income has to go off my parents or is it still my own income for the duration of the year (which will be zero, eek!)?
  6. As you are 25 now, you are an independent student and your parents' income will be disregarded.
  7. You're over 25 so qualify as independant. This is all on the Student Finance website.

    Think hard about moving out on your own though. I share because it allows me to split the bills! I couldn't afford to pay the full gas, electricity, TV licence, broadband etc all on my own.
  8. Mackem85

    Mackem85 New commenter

    Thank you all for the replies.

    I will have little choice but to move out onto my own as my flatmate is looking for work down south and has interviews lined up, so by the summer they will probably have moved out.
  9. bettieblu

    bettieblu New commenter

    remember bursaries are being cut - most are now down to zero - you will not get any rent/ housing benefit as a student... flat share is the most sensible idea - you will most likely not have any time to be able to have a second job to up your income. Is there anyone else you can share with?

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