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Finally got a job... now what?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Vanadesse, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Vanadesse

    Vanadesse New commenter

    So after pretty much giving up all hope in finding a job for September I've finally managed to find one. Phew! What kind of questions should I be asking about now? Got so many things in my head but need to prioritise what I need to know before and what can wait. I'm going to ask for copies of policies, ask about planning/schemes of work etc. Also for copies of assessment, IEPs, class list etc. Anything else I should be asking about/for?
  2. Vanadesse

    Vanadesse New commenter

    Anyone got any advice?
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Ask if they are having all new teachers in for an orientation day before school breaks up for the summer.
    You will need class lists to be able to do seating plans.
    I'd advise not planning more than a week's worth of lessons until you get to know your classes but forward-planning resources for future lessons would be worthwhile.
    Ask about any forms that you need to complete for pay to arrive on time in September, with proper tax (not emergency tax) deducted. Give them the New Employer part of a P45 if you have left a previous job (p/t work) since 6th April
  4. Vanadesse

    Vanadesse New commenter

    Thanks, I hadn't even thought about pay related forms! I'm the only new teacher but I know that I'm going in at the end of this week to meet with the head and the class's current teacher to ask questions, get anything I want and then again at the beginning of next week to meet the class.
  5. Hi.
    No advice - just mutual support after seeing on another thread that you are in Y2 too.
    So far for next term I have decided on a classroom set up (ie how to group desks, where I want my desk, chair and carpet area).I have bought a cheap tambourine to save my voice. I have laminated a "Welcome to Y2" label for my door, cut out and laminated the children's names ready for the behaviour chart and looked through some of the files/assessments ready to start differentiating and setting expectations in the first few weeks. Next I want to cut out coloured balloon shapes and stick labels on with the children's birthdays as I think it would be nice for them to see their names already in the classroom when they arrive. [​IMG]

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