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Final placement % teaching time

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by elishajeffries, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Hey all,
    Just interested to see how different courses compare - what percentage of lessons do you have to teach in your final placement?
  2. Hey all,
    Just interested to see how different courses compare - what percentage of lessons do you have to teach in your final placement?
  3. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    I am teaching 80% at the moment on my final placement.
  4. Wow! The trainees we get teach about 50-55% (about 12 lessons) which is woefully inadequate and helps me understand why so many struggle with their NQT year!
  5. It's meant to be 75% contact time for us, but some of that should be observation.
    In reality it turns out to be a lot more, at least that's my experience. I don't mind though, I'm hoping it'll make the NQT year a bit less of a shock :).
  6. We had to do 60%!
  7. I'm on my final placement, I'm doing 80% and finding it a struggle to keep up with the planning, the reflections and because its year 6 and mainly science after SATs subject knowledge research!

  8. I didn't expect the range to be that broad actually. 50-55 sounds low!

    We are doing 90% for the last 3 weeks! Last week seemed fine but I have a feeling these final 2 weeks are going to hurt.

    Hopefully it will gear me up well for September! 10% hours reduction... it's the stamina that worries me though. A whole term non stop will be intense.
  9. rachyclaire

    rachyclaire New commenter

    I'm just finishing a secondary PGCE and we were expected to be solo teaching 55%, another local uni with trainees in the same school expected 70%
  10. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    The figure is, I believe two-thirds of an NQT's timetable. NQTs teach an 80% timetable (thereabouts, when reduced for PPA and induction time) which means they teach 20 hours per week. Two-thirds of this is about 13 hours of teaching.
    My most recent mentee became cause for concern when he couldn't get his head around planning for 13 hours of lessons. I had to reduce his timetable down so that he was only actually teaching 9 hours per week. At Easter, I delivered the bad news that he was a cause for concern due to the lack of teaching hours, the fact that he wasn't delivering good lessons in the ones he WAS teaching, and the fact that he only had 4 weeks left in which to turn it around. I created an action plan and explained how he would be receiving support to get him on track.
    He eventually quit the course after the university tutor watched him teach and told him that if he didn't start delivering the full amount of lessons he wouldn't pass. This was also due to the fact that on his first practice he missed a whole week of teaching due to the snow days.
  11. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I think that's a good idea - it gives you a clearer sense of what being an NQT will be like. I'd only endorsed this, however, if all of your uni assignments are finished by this point.
  12. amariB

    amariB New commenter

    We are supposed to take over 'full responsibility' for the class, teaching everything except our PPA time and one lesson a week observing. I had no idea the expectations varied so much from uni to uni- 50% was what we were doing the second week of our last placement!
  13. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    We started on 50% on our first week of our first placement!

    I didn't realise it was so different across providers. I'm quite shocked.
  14. Do you think there is a secondary/primary divide? I'm primary.
  15. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    I'm primary and have been teaching 75% during my final placement; the final two weeks will be 80%.
  16. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    Yep I'm primary too - it looks like primary hours are longer. Perhaps this balances with the fact that secondary trainees have lengthier placements.
  17. RamC

    RamC New commenter

    I'm primary and yes am teaching a full timetable which is everything apart from PPA/ NQT time. After the first 3 weeks my teacher stepped back and I now have full responsibility for the planning, assessment etc. It makes sense, as this is what my first job will be like! I'm in Wales and teach yr 1 so they are in the foundation phase which means planning for continuous and enhanced provision plus six focused activities every day, which means 24 full lesson plans and evaluations a week.
  18. I had to teach 80% of the timetable, but in reality I taught more as I covered for the teacher during sick leave.
  19. During my second (long block) placement I was teaching 80% (20 hours per week). Bizarrely, the final 3 weeks of placement, my university only require us to be teaching 20% (5 hours per week), as they're happy for us to be doing other things - visiting different institutions, planning resources/schemes of work, preparing for jobs if we have them - although the majority of my course have continued to teach the same hours that they had before the half term break. A few of us (myself included) have dispensation not to actually have to <u>teach</u> at all, just observe, as we've been moved into short block placements for the final 3 weeks. Only problem with that, is that an empty timetable gives me far too much time on my hands! I'm assisting in around 12 hours a week, but finding things to do with the other 15 has been a nightmare!
  20. Goodness, there's quite a variety.

    I finished my PGCE in 2010 and I was Secondary but I did 50% timetable in placement one and 80% in placement two. It worked nicely as I was ready to take on some more for placement two. The first few weeks of placement two were harsh but then it all settled down and meant that my NQT year hasn't been so much of a hassle.

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